Cyberpunk 2077 Pisces Walkthrough

Should you side with Judy or Maiko?

The events of the Pisces side quest are related to Evelyn Parker’s death in Cyberpunk 2077. So after her death, Judy will reach out to V with a plan to pry Clouds away from the Tyger Claws and turn it over to the dolls that have been subjugated there under these gangs. Her inspiration is Lizzie’s bar, which is now run by the MOX, the gang that Judy runs with.

On paper, the plan sounds good, almost too good to be true, and Judy asks you to help her convince Maiko to go along with this plan as well. At first, Maiko is skeptical of Judy’s plan as there is a higher risk of blowback from the gang if the plan fails.

Judy will tell you that she and the rest of the crew (Tom and Roxanne) will hack into the penthouse security whilst Maiko keeps Hiromi busy. This way, you will have to sneak into Hiromi’s Penthouse undetected.

Moreover, Judy’s plan involves her modifying the doll’s behavioral chips to prime them for elite combat training. Her game plan, in short, is to have us infiltrate the apartment of Tyger Claw boss Hiromi Sato, the man responsible for running clouds. So the quest, Pisces, will involve you clearing out this gang boss to liberate the doll house.

However, not all things go as planned, and you will have to make a choice near the end of the quest to either side with Judy or Maiko. Both of these will have their consequences, so we will be discussing all the objectives in this Cyberpunk 2077 guide.

Talk to Judy

The first part of the Pisces quest will involve you talking with Judy over the phone in Cyberpunk 2077. You can check the messages and inquire about her. She will also tell you that Maiko called and wants to meet you and the rest at the megatower before sundown.

Go to the Megabuilding H8 in the afternoon

You can tell Judy that you will be there to meet Maiko and her and can proceed to the Megabuilding H8. Skip time to make sure that you arrive during the afternoon.

There, you will find Judy, Roxanne, and Tom on the left side. After approaching them, you can tell Roxanne that it’s a good thing she is here. She will reply that you were right and the rational course of action would be to side with you. Moreover, you can ask Tom if he is nervous. Since it’s his first time, Tom will reply that he is, so you can tell him to operate like a doll.

Lastly, you can speak with Judy and ask her how you will reach Hiromi in Cyberpunk 2077. She will answer that she has got the blueprint and has a way for us to get inside the Penthouse. Moreover, Judy will mention that the best way to access it would be through the service level. You can then ask Roxanne to listen to your gut and follow her instincts on this plan.  

If you inquire about Maiko, Judy will reply that she is meeting with Hiromi to avoid any suspicion. She will keep her distracted whilst you and your team figure out a way inside the Penthouse. You can then follow the group, enter the elevator, and select D3: Maintenance floor.

After exiting the elevator, both you and Judy need to sneak around the place to reach the panel on the other side. While she does that, you can take out the nearby guards (Tyger Claw security) that are patrolling the area.

Tom and Roxi will already be at Clouds, so Judy will hack the panel, so you will have to go in solo to reach the Penthouse.

Find a way into Hiromi’s Penthouse

You can use the freight elevator, but before getting onto it, you can access the nearby laptop and breach the penthouse security by inputting the right buffer code. At the local network, you can activate the Air Conditioner and then go towards the freight elevator.

Select the 55: Roof option to get to the roof. You will also hear the rest of your party set at their positions. You will need to jump down to the balcony to find a way into Hiromi’s Penthouse.

However, you will find a tiger claw member there, so you can fry him by short-circuiting him. You can go to the left side and then jump down carefully to reach the penthouse roof below. Make sure to take out the guards patrolling that area as well. This will make it easier for you to move around to complete the remaining Pisces objectives in Cyberpunk 2077.

Get into Hiromi’s office

Once you successfully find a way into Hiromi’s Penthouse, you will then need to get into his office without getting detected by the tiger claws in that area. You can follow the stealth route and sneak inside, but it would simply be better to eliminate the guards. You will also see Judy telling Tom to go over to the surveillance camera, which is present in the security room.

Once you find your way inside Hiromi’s office, you will observe Maiko near the glass on your left. Go to her and tell her that you didn’t want to trip any alarms, so you came in quietly. Furthermore, you can also inquire from her about why Maiko didn’t call off the guard, and she will reply that she doesn’t have authority yet.

Then you will hear Judy over the coms, and she will ask you why there are three guys in the meeting room apart from you. Maiko will then point towards Hiromi Sato and the other two guys, who will be in a state of trance as they will be watching a demo reel of Cloud’s next top doll.  

When you inquire about the other two guys, Maiko will answer that Hiromi answers to these two and that she will kill him in front of them. She will then try to wake them up so you can let her know this is not according to the plan you decided with Judy and the others. Since you all agreed there would be no witnesses, Maiko will stress a show of importance to dominate her position.

So here you will have two options:

Option 1: Attack the Tyger Claw Bosses

When you go with this option, you will deduce that Maiko wants to replace Hiromi, even if it means joining the Tyger Claws in Cyberpunk 2077. This way, Maiko can protect Clouds from other gangs. Then you can select the option to tell her to “Jack ‘em out. We’ll see what happens.”

The guy in the white dress will be the Tyger Claw Boss, whereas the one in will be his subordinate. Maiko will then tell the boss that Hiromi is under her mercy and that he is responsible for the murder of Oswald Forrest. She will then tell them that Clouds need new management, and she is up for the role to assume Hiromi’s duty.


Judy will be shocked at hearing Maiko’s plan, and the Tyger Claw Bosses won’t be pleased at hearing this insolence. If you pull out your gun, they will engage you in a direct shootout. So you can eliminate both the Tyger Claw Bosses to conclude Pisces in Cyberpunk 2077.

You will be able to salvage some cool items from the dead bosses and also an iconic black Katana by the name of Tsumetogi, which can be found on the table in the meeting room.

If you want to romance Judy in the future, you can select the dialogue that says “What?” and “That you (Maiko) tried to cheat us all.” After that, you can simply shoot Maiko. Judy will be pleased and will guide you out of the Penthouse.

Moreover, by following this route, you will have the option to access the Pyramid Song quest, which is linked with Judy, and you can even Romance her later on as well.

Option 2: Follow Maiko’s plan

Suppose you follow Maiko’s plan and tell her to talk with the Tyger Claw Bosses without interrupting her. They will take her offer seriously, and Hiromi will die by her hand. Go with the dialogue options “Hiromi has to go” and “Maiko’ll run things.”

This way, Maiko will assume the post of Hiromi and will take over the Clouds.  


This peaceful resolution will not sit well with Judy because Maiko sabotaged her plan and only thought for herself while she used the rest of the party. You will receive some payment from Maiko, but following this option is not feasible at all. That is because you will lose contact with Judy forever, and she will not speak with you.

Best Outcome/Choice

We will advise you to go with the first option and kill the Tyger Bosses, Hiromi, and Maiko. This way, you will have solidified your allegiance towards Judy, and you will unlock the side quest Pyramid Song.

If you follow option two for Pisces, you will lose not only Judy but this side quest as well, which will be associated with her later on in Cyberpunk 2077. Furthermore, you won’t be able to meet Judy or Romance her either.

Leave the apartment

If you follow the first option and go with the murdering spree, you can then head out by jumping onto the ground floor of the Penthouse. Then, you can ride the elevator to reach the D1:Ground floor in Cyberpunk 2077.

You will hear Judy saying that Tom and Roxi made it out as well and that they will be waiting outside near the food stalls. Once you exit the elevator, you will meet Judy, and she will be angry at Maiko’s betrayal.

You can then calm her down by telling her that it was all for the good of the Clouds. After the conversation ends, you can say your goodbyes and leave. This way, you will receive a notification about having completed the side job.

Elevator bug fix

You will encounter the elevator bug at the end of the Pisces sidequest in Cyberpunk 2077. The elevator console is bugged and is stuck on D3: Maintenance, and this way, you cannot operate it to reach the ground floor.

So, to fix this bug, you can go out in the lobby of the Penthouse and proceed to go towards the left end. There, you will find a large ladder. Climb this ladder to reach the top, and then you can simply access the freight elevator on the roof. Select D3: Maintenance on it, and it will take you outside the building.

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