Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Endings Guide 

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty comes with 4 new endings. Some are standalone but some also add a new ending to the base game.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty features four unique endings that allow the player to finish the DLC in a style they choose. All four endings require you to save Songbird, kill, or turn her in.

The rest of your game will play out very differently depending on which ending you choose. With so much at stake, choosing the ending that suits you better cannot be easy.  

This guide will review all four endings in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, including what choices you need to make and what outcomes these choices have. 

How to Get All Endings in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty? 

There are four unique endings in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Endings two and four share the same outcome, while endings 1 and 3 also share the same outcomes with minor differences.

Endings two and four, considered good endings, allow you to save the Songbird. This, in turn allows you to experience the new ending in the base game. One and three operate oppositely.  

Save Songbird from the FIA – Ending 1 

The first ending is called The King of Cups. During the final main mission of Phantom Liberty, Firestarter, when you are jacked in, you will have to choose from two options. Help Songbird Escape or Help Reed Capture Songbird.


Select the first option. Next, escape the secured area and the stadium with Songbird. Your escape route will have many enemies, so proceed with caution.  

After you manage to escape, Songbird will enter your vehicle, and you will follow her soon after. Reed will contact you and tell you that the FIA will look for you and Songbird. This will lead you to the next mission: The Killing Moon.

Here, you will help Songbird escape the FIA by clearing the Spaceport at the NCX. This will allow her to go to the Lunar Facility.  

Proceed with the mission, which involves you getting into the Tycho Terminal. Defend her where needed and hide from Reed and his cronies where required. When you are in the shuttle with Songbird, you will eventually be faced with the option to help her escape or turn her over to Reed.

You will find out that she was using you. Choose either of the first two options: Pick up Songbird and carry her to the terminal.  

While you are doing so, Reed will appear and will ask you to turn her over. Place her down and continue with the dialogue options. Choose the option Can’t Let You Take Her followed by Draw Weapon. This will kill Reed, and you can continue helping Songbird.

Carry her and put her on the space shuttle, and she will fly away to be cured of Blackwall’s corruption. During your time with Reed, DO NOT select any option with Holster Weapon. This will cause you to give her up even if you are not intending to do so.  

With this ending, Reed dies, but both Songbird and Alex live. You can pick up Reed’s weapon, The Pariah, after killing him, but you will be locked out of the new ending for the base game.  

Give Songbird to the FIA – Ending 2 

To get the second ending in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Follow the path for the first ending by helping Songbird Escape and defending her to the terminal. Once you are face to face with Reed, turn her in. You will have several options to do this.

You can give her up by selecting Lay Songbird Down | You Were Right – Song’s a Traitor. Alternatively, during the conversation with Reed, select any choice with the Holster Weapon option.

Reed will then pick up Songbird and carry her to his vehicle, waiting at the end of the terminal. You will speak with Johnny the next day, and the game will end.  

With this ending, both Reed and Alex live, but Songbird dies. Additionally, you can access the new ending in the base game.  

Kill Songbird at the Cynosure Base – Ending 3 

For the third ending, King of Wands in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, when you are presented with the choice to kill or save Songbird, choose the latter: Help Reed Capture Songbird. Following this choice, Songbird will turn on you and then kill Alex.

V will then pass out. Once you come to, talk to Johnny, then escape the base while taking out Hansen and his soldiers. Once you have successfully accomplished this, you will meet Reed outside. After talking to him in his car, the next mission, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos, begins. This involves tracking down and killing Songbird.  

Complete the mission by taking out the NCPD escorts and MaxTac operators. You will then pick up a trail left behind by Songbird. You can follow this to make your way to the next mission of the third ending: Somewhat Damaged.

Follow the trail until you reach the destination. You must enter the Cynosure chamber’s core, where Songbird is. The process is fairly long and involves you completing a series of puzzles. Follow the on-screen prompts and locations to complete them. 

Once you are at the core, you will find Songbird attached to a series of wires. Here, she will ask you to kill her. The choices that lead you to endings 3 or 4 are similar, so make sure you do not mess up here.

When she asks you to kill her, select the fourth option: We Got the Neural Matrix – Hope for Both of Us. Exhaust the dialogue until she asks you to kill her again. When presented with the choice, select Kill So Mi | Ok, I’ll do it.  

After this, V will proceed to kill Songbird. You will then turn in Songbird’s body to the FIA in the final mission of this ending: Leave in Silence. Myers refuses to help you since you did not bring Songbird back alive. This locks you out of the new ending for the base game. In this ending, only Reed survives out of Alex, Songbird, and Reed.  

Spare Songbird at the Cynosure Base – Ending 4  

To get the fourth and final ending in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, follow the steps above for ending 3. But once you arrive at the Cynosure core with Songbird, refuse to kill her. Soon after, Reed will appear, asking you to help move her.

Choose to help Reed. You will then hand Songbird alive to the FIA, and Myers will promise you a cure. In this ending, Reed and Songbird live while Alex dies.  

Cyberpunk 2077: New Ending Explained 

If you followed through with ending 2 or 4, ensuring that Songbird lives, you will receive a new ending for the base game. Following V turning in Songbird to the FIA, they will devise a method to cure V by removing the relic from his/her brain.

Once you have completed the final main quest mission in the base game, Nocturne OP55N1. You will be contacted by Solomon Reed, who offers to cure your illness.  

After talking to Johnny and choosing to proceed with the procedure, the FIA will transport you to their facility, where the relic is removed. When you come to Johnny will be gone, and so will all your Cybernetic implants. You will also lose all your romantic partners since you were gone for a long time, and they moved on.

Once you return to Night City, you can call all your friends and catch up, but they all would have moved on. Without your cybernetic implants, you will not be able to fight anymore. You will be another face in the crowd. You live but at the cost of losing your previous life.

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