Cyberpunk 2077 Only Pain Guide 

The Only Pain side job will give you the chance to stop some police brutality and help a corpo out in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 has several main and side jobs that will keep you entertained, including the Only Pain side job. This takes place inside the Heywood area. This job will not appear until you talk to the cops near the side job marker. Upon reaching the location, you will have the option to intervene in cops beating up a man.

You can talk the cops out of beating the man up and even convince the man to pay you for getting them off his back. Here is how to do this quest.

Interact with the cops

Only Pain side mission location in cyberpunk 2077

Arrive at the Vista Del Rey, Heywood location, as shown in the map image above. You will see a bunch of cops beating a man in a suit (Corpo). Approach the cop beating the man to trigger the dialogue option.

Do nothing

Now, you will have three ways to proceed with the side job, depending on your choice of dialogue. If you select the (I was just about to leave), you will leave the scene in the Only Pain job in Cyberpunk 2077. Thus causing the side job to end with no reward.  

Kill the cops

The second way is choosing the (Leave him alone) option. You must kill all the cops on the scene before proceeding with the job. Since it does not trigger any wanted level, you can shoot whenever.

Convince the cops to leave

The third way only occurs if you have a STREETKID background. You can choose the STREETKID dialogues to convince the cops to leave the scene.  

Talk to the Corpo

After the cops leave or you kill them, you will get the objective of waking up the corpo and talking to him. Do so, and you will have a few ways to proceed through the side job.  

By selecting the (Nothing, it’s your lucky day) dialogue option, the quest will be complete with no rewards. If you have 11 Cool stat, you can choose the (Eddies.) option, where you will demand money from Corpo, which triggers two more options.  

(That’ll do.) option ends the quest, and (Give me everything you’ve got.) demands more money from Corpo before letting him go. But you can only choose this option if you have 12 Body.    

If you have 12 reflexes, you can choose (The truth. What did they want from you?) dialogue. Now, you will have an option between two dialogues; selecting (Go on, get outta here.) concludes the quest with no reward.  

If you have 13 Cool, you can choose the (Hand over your eddies.) option, which further triggers two more dialogue options. (That’ll do.) option ends the quest and (Give me everything you’ve got.) demands more money before letting him go, but you can only choose this option if you have 12 Body.

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