Cyberpunk 2077 New Person Same Old Mistakes Walkthrough

A hotdog shop owner in Cyberpunk 2077 is looking for you in New Person, Same Old Mistakes.

New Person, Same Old Mistakes is an optional side job added as part of Phantom Liberty DLC for Cyberpunk 2077. New Person Same Old Mistakes become available after completing the Waiting For Dodger gig and is a very short quest that basically just has you talking to an NPC and collecting a reward.

If for some reason you are still confused about it, we will help you finish Cyberpunk 2077 New Person, Same Old Mistakes side job.

Meet Bill for New Person Same Old Mistakes

Once you finish Waiting for Dodger, you will get a message from Bill Mitchel to meet him in The Glen area of Cyberpunk 2077. Track the quest and it should show you Bill’s location. In any case, our map also points out where you need to go for New Person Same Old Mistakes

Once you get to the marked area, you will find Bill inside what looks like a storage shed, operating a restaurant. Turns out Bill was inspired by your actions and retired from being a cop. He has now opened up his own hot dog shop and is selling Scopweiners out of the area.

Bill will thank you for everything you did for him and for this favor of yours he will pay you some money, thus marking New Person, Same Old Mistakes side job as complete.

Now what makes Bill’s shop so special is that he sells Military-Grade Lactic Acid Recyclers. Buy and use it to permanently improve your stamina regen rate by 2%. However, the upgrade costs 12,000 credits so it isn’t exactly cheap.

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