Cyberpunk 2077 Side With NetWatch Or Voodoo Boys? 

In Cyberpunk 2077, you will need to choose between siding with the Voodoo Boys or the Netwatch. Both options have consequences so you need to choose wisely.

Cyberpunk 2077 features many missions where you have to make tough decisions. One such instance is choosing to side with the Voodoo Boys or NetWatch during the main story mission “I Walk the Line”. This mission is part of the base Cyberpunk 2077 game.

The choice comes up during the “I Walk the Line” mission. V is tasked with infiltrating the Grand Imperial Mall to scope out NetWatch agents in the area. This is to free Brigitte, Placid’s associate. During the last few minutes of the previous quest, he gives V a virus by grabbing his/her hand to establish a link.

This virus is designed to kill V after he/she completes the job. In this guide, we will be going over how this choice impacts the story overall. We will also tell you which choice is the better one here.

Should you side with NetWatch in Cyberpunk 2077? 

side with the netwatch in cyberpunk 2077

The option to side with either NetWatch or the Voodoo boys in Cyberpunk 2077 comes towards the end of the mission “I Walk the Line”. After you take out Matilda, you will encounter a NetWatch agent who will try to convince you to turn on the Voodoo boys. He tells you that if you let him go with the data, he will free Brigitte and also remove the Virus from V’s system.

The agent also reveals that the Voodoo boys planned on killing you from the beginning. Because they saw V as nothing more than a gun for hire.  

Select the first option when the NetWatch agent asks you to let him walk with the data. He will remove the virus and let you walk out peacefully. You will then meet up with Placid at Batty’s Hotel. The confrontation will be heated, but you will still proceed to the next mission.  


This choice mainly affects the next mission “Transmission”. You will wake up after being submerged in an ice bath, you will see that all Voodoo Boys in the area will be dead. Johnny will point out the fact that they had this coming. You will then need to fight your way out of the chapel including Placid.

Siding with NetWatch saves you a bit of trouble in “I Walk the Line”. But later during “Transmission”, you have to take out a plethora of Voodoo boys. However, siding with them is the morally correct option. The Netwatch is basically cybercops. They protect corporate interests, yes, but they also keep the law. They also agree to help you and Brigitte out, unlike the Voodoo boys, who wanted to kill you.

Should you side with Voodoo Boys in Cyberpunk 2077? 

To side with the Voodoo boys over the Netwatch, select the second option in cyberpunk 2077. This will prompt V to kill the agent. When you jack into him, you get to watch Placid’s plan play out in real time. The agent you connect to along with the others gets burnt. V also gets burnt but survives. This throws a wrench in the Voodoo Boy’s need to tie up loose ends in Cyberpunk 2077.

Brigitte will still be freed, but you can not exit the mall without taking out more NetWatch agents. After you successfully do, you will go back to Betty’s Hotel. Now you will have a tamer exchange with Placid and proceed to the next mission, “Transmission”.

After playing as Johnny in the ice bath section, when you wake up, all Netwatch agents will be dead. You will be allowed to leave the area peacefully.  

voodoo boys in cyberpunk 2077

However, if you decide that Placid’s betrayal was unforgivable, you can take out the Voodoo Boys along with Placid. This choice pops up after a brief conversation with Briggite. This effectively makes this mission’s outcome fairly similar to siding with NetWatch. If you want to remain on good terms with the Voodoo Boys, we recommend choosing the less hostile way.  

Siding with the Voodoo boys is the morally wrong choice in Cyberpunk 2077. Because V learns that they were the ones who launched a net runner attack on Evelyn. This effectively destroyed her Cyberware and killed her. She was effectively passed around and abused as well.

This eventually caused a trauma so great that she ended up dying. So while the Netwatch may be corporate slaves in Cyberpunk 2077, the Voodoo boys have committed far graver crimes than them. So, morally the better choice would be to side with the netwatch.

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