Cyberpunk 2077 NCPD Scanner Hustles Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 walks its player through a dense Night City with tons of activities to keep them engaged. In this Cyberpunk 2077 NCPD Scanner Hustles Guide, we’ll be telling you how Hustles benefit you and how you can find them scattered throughout Cyberpunk 2077’s world.

Cyberpunk 2077 NCPD Scanner Hustles

NCPD Scanner Hustles are essentially side-quests that you can find scattered throughout the world. These can take you on an exploration journey through puzzles, infiltrations, or simply a face-off with a bunch of enemies.

All Hustles are marked on your map with specific icons. These activities are set in small areas and require you to gain access to documents or find more information relevant to the situation in order to progress forward.

A number of different stories are conveyed in a rather mysterious way, with clues spread all around.

NCPD Scanner Hustles are a great way to earn some money quickly in Night City so make sure to take the time out for them if you are in need of some Eddies.

Types of Hustles

You’ll be able to find a number of minor activities on your map. These unique missions are as interesting as they are rewarding and definitely worth the trouble.

These Hustles will also automatically be marked with their precise locations once you have completed the story.

Assault in Progress
Hostiles might be about to engage in a heinous activity. Could be that a few gang members are about to engage in a bit of fisticuffs.

Assault in Progress

Reported Crime
A murder was reported and there are clues all around the scene of the crime. Observe to find clues that may lead you to a stash you can loot. The ‘loot’ could be far from where you are or nearby.

Reported Crimes

Suspected Organized Crime Activity
Criminals have seized control of a hideout. Arm yourself to the teeth and show them who’s boss by taking control of the entire hideout back.

Organized Crime

Hidden Gem
Looks like someone took a little too big of a risk in the transportation of some ‘valuable’ goods. Find the items to claim them for yourself. This won’t appear on the in-game map.

Hidden Gems

What to Expect from NCPD Scanner Hustles

Depending on your level, Hustles can be fairly challenging. Before you go ahead and start going out of your way for these missions, we suggest you take a look at the following details for the Cyberpunk 2077 NCPD Hustles.

Hustles are marked by a recommended experience level (Hidden), which will compare it to your experience level and show how qualified you are for the assignment.

If you try to attempt it while under-leveled, enemies might be a little too strong for you. The only feasible solution for a situation like this is taking on the entire mission in complete stealth.

However, if you are over-levelled, you can go guns-blazing if you like or try any methodology really. It should be fairly easy for you to complete.

Difficulty changes with respect to your sub-district. As you progress through the game’s main story, areas will change in accordance with your level and so will the NCPD Hustles.

You can find Hustles represented by three different icons on the mini-map (No Hidden Gems). Place a marker and set a course to these locations. Sometimes, you might not see one on the map, but a random event might start right in front of you.

Pay attention to detail and you just might find a suspicious gang vehicle parked outside of an alleyway or the like.

Hiding Bodies
Hustles don’t exactly provide you with discrete locations to hide the piles of bodies you’ll be stacking up in your wake of unsolicited murders. You can try to do your best though.

Keep bodies out of sight to prevent the Hustles from getting considerably harder for yourself.

Quickhacking can come in pretty handy for stealth. Hustles can have enemies spread out around in a location, and the best way to infiltrate this secure circle is by utilizing your hacks and approaching isolated targets to take them out.

Key Items
The ‘Key Item’ in a hustle is what you need to collect in order to complete the Hustle. It will always be marked with a golden hue and will be shining brightly.

Once you see that golden shine, you can choose to either just grab the item or fight off the enemies around it as well.

After you grab the item, the Hustle will be completed

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