Cyberpunk 2077 Scanner Hustle Locations

Helping you find all the four types of NCPD Hustles in all districts.

NCPD Scanner Hustle is one of the hundreds of side activities you will see on your map in Cyberpunk 2077. Unlike most of the other side activities, Night City Police Department Hustles are a group of multiple side activities, which are shown on the Police Scanner.

You can find them as you travel around the world. They include activities such as Assaults, Organized Crimes, and even reported crimes. They are also a great way to get XP and EDDIES in Cyberpunk 2077.

This guide will help you find all of the NCPD Scanner Hustles in Cyberpunk 2077.

Types of NCPD Scanner Hustles

There are a total of four NCPD Scanner Hustles that you can find in Cyberpunk 2077. All NCPD Scanner Hustles, except Hidden Gems, appear on your map as a Blue Icon.

Assault in Progress

This is the most common NCPD Scanner Hustle activity. Assault in Progress mostly involves gang wars, or some thugs trying to rob someplace. The objective of this activity requires you to kill all the offenders, and sometimes, there is an item that you need to loot to complete Assault in Progress.

You usually get to fight a handful of enemies. They are often found in alleys or crowded areas.


Organized Crime

These are similar to Assault In Progress but on a larger scale. Organized Crime NCPD Scanner Hustle has you going out to fight an entire gang. You may have to fight the gang either in their hideout or someplace where they hang out.

You get a bigger reward for Organized Crime activity with increased difficulty.

Reported Crimes

Reported Crimes sends you out to find and scan a corpse at a general location. After you scan the corpse, you need to find the cache that is attached to that corpse, which can be anywhere in the surrounding area. Find the cache, and you are done.

Hidden Gems

Not literal gems, you need to find hidden data shards around the world of Cyberpunk 2077 for Hidden Gems NCPD Scanner Hustle. Unlike the rest of the NCPD Scanner Hustle activities, Hidden Gems do not show up on your map, and the data shards work almost like collectibles (they are NOT collectibles) where you have to look around to have a chance of finding them.

NCPD Scanner Hustle Locations and Rewards

There are a total of 156 NCPD Scanner Hustles in Cyberpunk 2077, categorized into four activities.

Other than the EDDIES, Experience, and occasional items you get from looting in NCPD Scanner Hustles, you get 6 Trophies/Achievements for completing all NCPD Scanner Hustles.

These Trophies/Achievements are attached to the In-game area for which you have completed all Night City Police Department Hustles. You can unlock the following Trophies/Achievements:

  • Greetings from Pacifica
  • The Wasteland
  • Little Tokyo
  • Mean Streets
  • The Jungle
  • City Lights

With this, let us look at the locations of all the NCPD Scanner Hustles in Cyberpunk 2077.


Organized Crime Locations

Assault in Progress

Reported Crime

Santo Domingo

Organized Crime

Assault in Progress

Reported Crime

City Center

Organized Crime

There are No Organized Crime NCPD Scanner Hustles in the City Center

Assault in Progress

Reported Crime


Organized Crime

Assault in Progress

Reported Crime


Organized Crime

Assault in Progress

Reported Crime


Organized Crime

Assault in Progress

Reported Crime

Badlands East

Organized Crime

Assault in Progress

Reported Crime

Badlands South

Organized Crime

Assault in Progress

Reported Crime

NCPD Scanner Hustle Tips to Know

Depending on your level, Hustles can be fairly challenging. Before you go ahead and start going out of your way for these missions, we suggest you use the following tips for the Cyberpunk 2077 NCPD Hustles.

Adjusting Map Filter

You can use the Custom Filter on your map to isolate NCPD Scanner Hustles from the rest of the markers. This will significantly make tracking things easier for you.


Hustles are marked by a recommended experience level (Hidden), which will compare it to your experience level and show how qualified you are for the assignment.

If you try to attempt it while under-leveled, enemies might be a little too strong for you. The only feasible solution for a situation like this is taking on the entire mission in complete stealth.

However, if you are over-leveled, you can go guns-blazing if you like or try any methodology. It should be fairly easy for you to complete.

Difficulty changes concerning your sub-district. As you progress through the game’s main story, areas will change by your level and so will the Night City Police Department Hustles.


You can find Hustles represented by three different icons on the mini-map (No Hidden Gems). Place a marker and set a course to these locations. Sometimes, you might not see one on the map, but a random event might start right in front of you.

Pay attention to detail and you just might find a suspicious gang vehicle parked outside of an alleyway or the like.

Mostly, don’t blindly follow the directions or map markers. Like all criminal activities, most of these NCPD Scanner Hustles are found in areas that are generally out of sight, like under a bridge, or in the alley between two buildings. If you can’t find anything, look around for warehouses that you can check out. You will rarely find any NCPD Scanner Hustle out in the open except Assault in progress

Hiding Bodies

Hustles don’t exactly provide you with discrete locations to hide the piles of bodies you’ll be stacking up in your wake of unsolicited murders. You can try to do your best though.

Keep bodies out of sight to prevent the Hustles from getting considerably harder for yourself. keep in mind that any bodies left in the open can attract more heat on you, whether it’s more thugs or some random bypasser who decided to attack you.


Quickhacking can come in pretty handy for stealth. Hustles can have enemies spread out around in a location, and the best way to infiltrate this secure circle is by utilizing your hacks and approaching isolated targets to take them out.

Key Items

The ‘Key Item’ in the hustle is what you need to collect to complete the Hustle. It will always be marked with a golden hue and will be shining brightly.

Once you see that golden shine, you can choose to either just grab the item or fight off the enemies around it as well.

After you grab the item, the Hustle will be completed

Do NCPD Scanner Hustles Respawn?

The Night City Police Department Scanner Hustles do not respawn because they are linked to achievements in Cyberpunk 2077.

All Assault In Progress, Organized Crimes, Reported Crimes, Gigs, Side jobs, Cyberpsycho, and Hidden Gems are irreversibly completed. You can find random enemies to fight in their place, but the activity itself cannot be repeated.

NCPD Scanner Hustles are not appearing

Now, crime is never ongoing. Hustles follow the same rule. You cannot do any Night City Police Department Scanner Hustle at any time. Some of the NCPD Scanner Hustles only appear at night, and some only appear during the day. You can easily pass the time to get these Hustles to spawn for you.

Another problem you might run into is that the hustle glitches out. This must occur if you fail a hustle, or you have passed by it too many times without paying any attention. If you manage to glitch yourself out of any NCPD Scanner Hustle, there is a simple solution. Just go back to any of V’s apartments and sleep.

Whenever you complete any Hidden Gem NCPD Scanner Hustle or get a data shard through any other hustle activity, make sure to read the shard. Interestingly, some of the hustle activities are related, and without the clues, you cannot unlock the next hustle.

Lastly, not all Night City Police Department Scanner Hustles are open from the get-go, you will need to at least have 50 Street Cred before you can access them.

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