How to Get The Legendary Bra in Cyberpunk 2077

Follow this guide to know the location of the Legendary Armorweave Rocker Bra and the related stats in Cyberpunk 2077. It is challenging to find and dress your character in stylish clothes that complement your build. The Legendary Bra makes your character seems like an icon.

Legendary Armorweave Rocker Bra location in Cyberpunk 2077

The Legendary Rocker Bra can be found at Batty’s Hotel, which is located in Coastview, north of Pacifica. Batty’s Hotel was once posh. However, in Cyberpunk it’s just a lively market where commodities/ knowledge are exchanged among the Haitian population.

How to Get The Legendary Bra in Cyberpunk 2077

Find the “Pacifica Pier” fast travel point and follow the main road from this point. Notice that there’s an office building with a Marquess emblem on its top. Climb up this building, and see that on one side there is an entrance and a passageway having metal stairs. Use the stairs to locate the concert mini stage. This will be located on the west balcony.

From the south side, you will be able to reach the west balcony. Before getting towards the crossroads, hop up to the balcony and you’ll end up on a mini concert stage.

Here you will see that there is a corpse present on the stage. Start looting the corpse, but before you need to save the progress and reload the page to get the finest roll.


Having both Male/Female versions this legendary Bra is a part of the famous Rocker set. Armorweave Rocker Bra has no extraordinary stats, however, it’s a fan favorite due to its unique appearance. However, I’ve mentioned a few of the stats below:

Required Level: 16

Type: Inner Torso

Rarity: Legendary

Mod Types: Clothing Mod Slot

Weight: 1.7


  • 5 Block Damage Reduction
  • Increases armor by 13.107
  • Reduces Stamina consumption when blocking melee attacks by 5 percent

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