Killing In The Name Cyberpunk 2077 Side Job 

The Killing In The Name is a disappointing side job in Cyberpunk 2077 that has you track down a person critical of the government only to find out it's somewhat of a hoax.

After completing the A Like Supreme side job, you will unlock a new mission called Killing In The Name in Cyberpunk 2077. This involves a renowned theorist named Swedenborg-Riviera. He is a net runner and a radical economist and philosopher. You will find the true identity of this Jack of All Trades man, whose anti-political rants have earned him a decent following. 

While progressing through the game, you will frequently receive messages from Bartmoss Collective. After advancing the story to a certain point, you will receive an email on your apartment’s computer. From its screen, select the Bartmoss Collective icon to open the email.

Upon reading it, the Killing In The Name side job will update, and you can then work on this job to get the rewards from the quest giver.  

Call Nancy

After finishing your work on the computer, call Bes Isis, aka Nancy. Now, you must get information on the side quest you are pursuing. Nancy says that she wanted to write a piece on Swedenborg. However, she could not gather major clues about his life due to limited access to the Net.

She will show disapproval of your request to learn more about the netrunner at first. But she will eventually let you know about the past happenings that led her to Riviera in the first place. 

Go to Nancy’s coordinates

At the end of your call, she will send you some coordinates. Follow the yellow signal source until you reach the destination area. The first thing you see will be Johnny reprimanding you for desperately searching for the philosopher.


The next objective will be to “scan the area for clues”, though you will not get any major hints about what to scan particularly.  

Look to the right of the building and climb the stairs to reach the area right below the top floor. While on the stairs, you must jump to the alcove area to reach the router.   

Hack the Router

The next step is to jack in or hack the router to get an important message from an Unknown Number, seemingly from Swedenborg-Riviera. The next location’s coordinates will be uploaded to your map.  

This will be the same type of yellow signal you reached a while ago. If you feel the travel distance is too long, you can fast travel from Almunecar & Jerez to the Fuel Station. From there, you can summon your car and quickly reach the destination.  

Secure evidence in Badlands 

As you reach the yellow signal’s source in Badlands, you will spot some enemies guarding the evidence you seek. Use stealth and pick them off one by one without being detected. If worse comes to worst, take them on directly.

Once they are down, climb the bus. There is another router on one end of the bus (opposite side of the dish antenna). Hack the router to receive a new message from the same Unknown Number. Upon reading, you will learn that new coordinates are uploaded on the map.

Talk to Johnny afterward, then head to the next signal’s source. 

Go to the new signal source 

Use a vehicle to reach the destination quicker. Upon reaching the Biotechnica Flats, head to the yellow marker on your screen and stand beneath the tall platform. Look for a yellow ladder on the right and use it to climb to the first part of the platform. Keep climbing the other ladders until you reach the platform’s top and witness the third router. 

Once there, you will meet Johnny, who annoyingly rants about the series of routers you are hacking. It is time to hack or jack in the router to receive another message from the Unknown Number. The good news is that you’re getting closer to your target. Only one step of your journey remains to be completed.

As usual, you will get one more signal’s source marker that you need to reach to get the final clue about the philosopher. 

Go to the final signal

Use the West Wing Apartments’ fast travel point to reach the yellow signal faster. From there, the yellow marker will be less than 100 meters from your position. Talk to Johnny at the destination, after which you must reach another marker a few meters away. 

Search the area and locate a signboard beside some dancing folks with Leonra written on it. Approach the signboard to discover that it’s a Fortuneteller Bot producing anti-political voices from the inside. Listen to the bot briefly and then talk to Johnny about the mysterious situation. 

Scan the Fortuneteller

As you scan the Fortuneteller Bot, you will find the last router on the bot’s outer side. You can jack in or hack the router to get the final message from the Unknown Number.  

It will certainly piss you off to realize that some unknown hacker was just messing with you and you’ve found nothing about Swedenborg-Riviera. No need to lose hope, though, as you will still get the rewards for completing the side job. 

Now, you can complete two optional objectives for interest or get additional rewards.  

  • Tell Johnny you’ll leave the Fortuneteller bot alone. This will please him the most as he finds the messages of this peculiar device amusing.  
  • Modify the Fortuneteller’s algorithm and stop it from fooling further innocent souls. This will annoy Johnny, who will reprimand you.

Call Nancy to finish the side job 

Finally, you must call Nancy to brief her about everything you’ve discovered. There are two dialogue options here: 

  • Say, “Not Exactly” if you want to tell her about the true thing behind the mask of Swedenborg-Riviera. She will be astonished at first but happy that she has an even better story to publish in her article. This option will get you some eddies and experience.  
  • Say, “That’s right. No new information” if you want to keep everything a secret. By going with this option, you will not receive any additional money. You will only receive the experience for completing the Killing In the Name side job in Cyberpunk 2077. 

Cyberpunk 2077 Killing In The Name is the best choice 

The best choice from the dialogue options while calling Nancy in Killing In The Name is “Not Exactly”. With this reply, you receive experience and earn eddies as a job completion reward from Nancy in Cyberpunk 2077.  

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