Cyberpunk 2077 Hi Ho Silver Lining Walkthrough

All those gigs for Hands pay off in Hi Ho Silver Lining in Cyberpunk 2077.

Hi Ho Silver Lining is one of the newly added side quests in Cyberpunk 2077 for the Phantom Liberty expansion. Instead of being just one small quest, Cyberpunk 2077 Hi Ho Silver Lining is basically a series of quests that encompass a large portion of the DLC.

During the Hi Ho Silver Lining side job, you need to complete 10 Dogtown Gigs for Mr. Hands in order to be eligible for a reward in return. You will complete at least 3 of these gigs as part of the main story of Phantom Liberty so shouldn’t take too long to finish them all. Below is the list of gigs that need to be completed for Hi Ho Silver Lining

  • Dogtown Saints
  • Prototype in the Scraper
  • Waiting for Dodger
  • Spy in the Jungle
  • Treating Symptoms
  • The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman
  • Talent Academy
  • Heaviest of Hearts
  • Roads to Redemption

Once you have completed these 10 Gigs, you will be called anytime through a message to meet Mr. Hands.

Meet with Mr. Hands

In order to meet Mr. Hands, you need to visit the Heavy Hearts Club located in the city center. Once there, move inside through the main entrance and take a left followed by a right. Follow the path and you will come across an elevator at the end.

Inside the elevator, select Private Rooms as the destination. Move straight and enter the room on your left side. Here you will find Mr. Hands sitting on a sofa.

Talk to Mr. Hands

Once you find Mr. Hands, move ahead and interact with him. He will reward you wwith Silver Slippers (a car) for your work, which according to him is waiting outside the club.

Leave Heavy Hearts Club

Just end the discussion with Mr. Hands and move back to the entrance point of the Heavy Hearts Club. Once you are outside, you will see a shiny silver car named Sport R-7 Sterling parked in front.

Get in the Car

Just proceed ahead and get inside the car. This will complete the Hi Ho Silver Lining mission in CP2077.

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