Cyberpunk 2077 Greed Never Pays Walkthrough

Finding and delivering the equipment to a specific location will complete this gig.

Greed Never Pays is a Search and Recovery type of gig in Cyberpunk 2077 given to you by Wakako Okada. The location for the Greed Never Pays gig is Westbrook, Japantown. The building is on the corner of Holly and Floyd St., which you have to reach after obtaining Rank 1 on Street Cred to unlock the gig.

In this gig, you must retrieve a precious piece of equipment called Corp Cracker from a club. After obtaining the item, you have to drop it at a specific delivery point. This is a straightforward gig that provides you with tremendous rewards upon completion. Let’s go over the objectives and look into how to play through the Greed Never Pays quest.

Go to Leah Gladen’s Apartment

The first objective of this gig is to enter Leah Gladen’s Apartment. You can reach it by following the yellow marker on your mini-map. Once you are outside the building, you can either enter it by climbing the scaffolding outside or taking the elevator inside.

If you choose to do the former, you need to go to the side of the building and look for a scaffolding that leads to a closed window of Leah Gladen’s apartment. Climb it and open the window to go inside.
If you choose to take the elevator path, you have to enter the main building first and go over to the counter.

You will find an access card here to the stairs that you need to steal. Use it on the stairs and continue forward till you are outside Leah’s apartment. The door terminal will ask you for a code. You can either hack it or add the Greed Never Pays door code in Cyberpunk 2077, which is 2137. Now, you can head inside the apartment to update this objective.

Search Leah Gladen’s Apartment

You can explore Leah Gladen’s apartment freely, as there will be no one besides you. Collect any loot you can find and go over to the vending machine in the apartment. Scan the vending machine, and you will be led to a button, as shown in the picture.

Press the button to reveal a secret room behind the vending machine.

Search the hidden room

Enter the hidden room that was just revealed. You will see a computer here.

Go over to it and press ‘Messages’ and then the ‘Skeleton Key’ to read the skeleton key emails. You will get to know that Leah went to the Tyger Claws behind Wako’s back, and your quest objective will be updated to going to the Braindance Clube Wired Head.

Go to the Braindance Club Wired Head

A quest marker will appear, marking your way from Leah Gladen’s apartment to the Braindance Club. Follow it and then enter the building you are led to. You will see an enemy leaning on a stairway here; take him out and proceed down the stairs.

Another enemy will be waiting for you near a vending machine here in Cyberpunk 2077. You can take him down as well and then continue down the hallway in front of you.

Alternatively, you can also take the elevator down upon entering the building, which will lead you to the same corridor, but you will not get the chance to fight off enemies through this path.

Search Wired Head

Now, the room you actually need to get to is in the back of the club. If you can use Technical Ability 10, then you can open the door to the right of the double door and enter it to complete this objective. You will find an enemy here that you can take down and then continue with the search.

If you are unable to pass the Technical Ability Check, then you will have to get to the back by entering the double door, but keep in mind that this path is swarmed with enemies. You will have to take down all of them and then continue to the room.

A bug has been reported here in Cyberpunk 2077 Greed Never Pays, which is that the double door cannot be opened, hence denying access to the room in the back of the club. Unfortunately, there is no specific fix for this except saving your game and reloading it till it is fixed and you are able to continue the gig.

Look around the room till you see a desk. Spot the Corpo Cracker box lying on the table, which is Leah Gladen’s equipment. Pick it up, and you will be led to your next objective.

Now that you have obtained the required equipment, you need to make your way out of the Wired Head Club. You can take the same way out as you came in. Once you exit the club, your objective will be updated to dropping Leah Gladen’s equipment at a specific drop point.

Deposit the Equipment at the Drop Point

Once you are out of the club, you need to follow the yellow path on your mini-map, which will lead you to a drop point up the street.

Deliver Leah Gladen’s equipment at the drop point, and the Greed Never Pays gig will be completed as you receive a call from Wakako Okada in Cyberpunk 2077. You will be rewarded with 1700 dollars, 727 Street Cred, and 323 EXP.

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