Cyberpunk 2077 Best Early Game Weapons (Top 6)

Cyberpunk 2077 provides a wide variety of cool weapons that can be obtained from loot, merchants, crafting, and quest rewards. The pros of some weapons outweigh the others and having the right set of weapons is essential to dominating this open-world RPG.

The following guide highlights the best early-game weapons for new players to choose from as they step into the chaotic yet beautiful world of Cyberpunk 2077.

Best Early-game weapons and how to get them in Cyberpunk 2077


You can find the Monowire can be found in Watson. The player will find this legendary weapon in a chest behind the garage door. Monowire can be installed by going to a nearby RipperDoc.


Weapon Monowire
Damage 174-212
Attack Speed per second 2.66


  • Charged wire attacks cause bonus damage
  • 10/15/20% to leave the target with a Status Effect
  • 20% bleeding chance


Overture is a one-shot killing machine that can be found in Watson. Kill the enemies and get this legendary revolver laying around in this area.


Weapon Overture
Damage 114-140
Physical Damage 77-94


  • 10% Bleeding Chance
  • 56% Critical Chance
  • 56% Critical Damage
  • 2 headshot damage multipliers


Satori is found during the heist mission. Make sure to acquire this useful early-game weapon as it can be easily missed.


Weapon Satori
Damage 57
Attack Speed per second 2.34


  • 500% increase in Critical Damage
  • 20% decrease in base damage reduction

Dying Night

The iconic Dying Night pistol can be acquired after The Rescue mission. This gun can be acquired from the ammunition shop in V’s apartment building for free.


Weapon Dying Night
Damage 10-12
Attack Speed per second 5.56


  • Headshot damage multiplied by 50%
  • 10% decrease in reload time


Skippy can be found on the East Side of Heywood, in the alleyway of the Night City suburb. It is located on the dead body of its previous owner. Upon acquiring the weapon, it will talk with you for a few moments. For headshots, this gun is an insane powerhouse.


Weapon Skippy
Damage 18-22
Attack Speed per second 4.55
Electrical Damage 13-16


  • 70 headshot damage multipliers
  • 6% Shock chance

Plan B Pistol

The Plan B Pistol can be found after the heist story arc at the location where you were dumped and Dexter Desean was killed. He left this amazing pistol with unlimited ammo as long as you have eddies. This is a very handy last resort weapon when you run out of ammo.


Weapon Plan B Pistol
Damage 39-47
Attack Speed per second 3.75
Physical Damage 24-29


  • 20 Headshot Damage Multiplier
  • 13% bleeding Chance

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