Should You Tell Jefferson The Truth Or Not In Cyberpunk 2077 Dream On

Telling Jefferson the truth during the Cyberpunk 2077 Dream On is a tough choice.

At the beginning of the side job Dream on, you will meet with Elizabeth at a bar. She will tell you about the strange changes in Jefferson’s personality in Cyberpunk 2077 Dream On. He is not following his habits like reading, musical taste, etc.

All these things worry Elizabeth as she believes something insidious is happening with Jefferson. Apart from that detail, Elizabeth will state that she saw a stranger in their apartment tinkering with the monitors. She received a threatening call when she tried to find out who it was.

Elizabeth is scared about this situation and is threatened by losing Jefferson; you can opt to take up the side job, Dream On. However, you will have multiple choices about telling Mayor Jefferson the Truth and concealing it from him in Cyberpunk 2077. I will discuss these choices and their consequences.

Should you tell Jefferson the Truth in Cyberpunk 2077 Dream On?

After you meet with Elizabeth, you will have some dialogue with Johnny, who will mention that the corps is behind this situation. According to him, you must take down the people behind this situation.

As part of the side job Dream On, you will confront Jefferson as part of the last objective. He can be found at the Reconciliation Park, sitting on a bench. Once you approach him, Jeff will tell you that Elizabeth filled him in on the details.

However, Elizabeth omitted the part she discussed with you at the bar. Instead, Elizabeth mentioned that the SSI were spying for Holt.


Here, you will get two options to choose from:

  • The first one will be to tell Jefferson the truth openly. You must select the dialogue that says, “It’s not Holt. You’re being brainwashed.”
  • Select the second option if you don’t want to tell Jefferson the truth.

What Happens When You Tell Jefferson He’s Brainwashed?

If you go with the first dialogue choice, tell Jefferson that SSI is not working for Holt in Cyberpunk 2077. Instead, he is being brainwashed, and someone has pierced his brain. Jeff won’t be too happy to hear this, and he will remark that you are joking with him.

You can state his symptoms like strange dreams, partial recall, jumbled memories, etc. However, Jeff won’t be convinced by what you are saying, and he will try to shrug you off. You can then mention the concealed room in his apartment that Jeff is not aware of.

After that, you can mention that someone is conditioning you remotely and messing with your memories. V will also mention his brain scans and how Jeff’s brain’s neural connections are being tweaked.

Mayor Jefferson will seem distressed, and he will start smoking. He will then mention finding the intruder in Cyberpunk 2077. Jeff will want to pull out the curtains on this shadowy organization that wants to control him. Ultimately, he will say that he needs to tell Elizabeth about this situation.

You can choose the dialogue option to tell him that his wife knows everything, but she feared for Jeff’s life and kept it from him. As Elizabeth was threatened to hide this info from Jeff, he won’t give up and will state that he will wait for the right opportunity to find them in Cyberpunk 2077.

After that, Jefferson will leave, and you can talk to Johnny about how you handled this situation. If you go to the Journal section and check your messages, you will find that Elizabeth has blocked you in Cyberpunk 2077.

What Happens When You Don’t Tell Jefferson the Truth?

You can select the second option, which will be not to tell Jefferson the truth. This can be done by choosing the dialogue that says you don’t have much to add.

Jeff will ask whether you found any hard evidence relating to SSI working for Holt, to which you can answer that it is all hearsay and speculations. You can also tell him it is a weak lead and nothing more.

Then you can choose the option that you don’t know anything more about this matter. Apart from these dialogues, you can add that you killed the spies, and hearing this, Jefferson will state that he will focus on the elections and then find out the ones responsible.

He plans to go against Holt and thank you for helping him. After that, Mayor Jefferson will leave in Cyberpunk 2077 Dream On.

You can then talk with Johnny about this situation and check your messages later. You will have received a message from Jefferson Peralez, and he will thank you and then say that he will delete this account. Moreover, Elizabeth will also message you about sticking to her story, and then you will be blocked from contacting her in Cyberpunk 2077.

The Best Choice for Jefferson in Dream On?

There is no better choice for Jefferson in Cyberpunk 2077 Dream On, as the conclusion will be the same. Apart from a few dialogue changes, it is up to you to tell Jefferson the truth. He will be adamant about finding the people responsible for doing this, and he will get stressed about this situation. He will also not trust Elizabeth anymore as she hid this information.

On the other hand, if you conceal this information from him, he will go about his routine of winning the elections and taking down Holt. Before leaving, he will thank you for your services and tell you you will get your fee soon in Cyberpunk 2077.

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