Cyberpunk 2077 Dirty Biz Walkthrough

Dial V for Murder.

Dirty Biz is one of the early-game gigs in Cyberpunk 2077 in which you must help a televangelist (and friend) named Bryce Stone solve the murder of his son.

He will reach out to you through Regina Jones after the NCPD drops the case due to a lack of evidence. The only clue is a heavily-edited footage of the murder.

Finding the raw braindance footage of the murder might yield the truth and help Stone discover what happened to his son.

Your first step will be to infiltrate the compound of Gottfrid and Fredrik Person, the father and son duo who originally uploaded the edited murder footage.

How to unlock and start “Dirty Biz”

You only need a Street Cred level 1 to start Dirty Biz in Cyberpunk 2077. Make your way to the Northside in Watson to reach a shipyard where you will receive a call from Regina. She will give you all the necessary details to start the gig.

Dirty Biz should automatically unlock when you drive through the shipyard area. If it does not work, it is due to a bug. One possible solution here is to complete all previous quests given by Regina and then return to the marked location above.


How to complete Dirty Biz in Cyberpunk 2077

There are two ways to infiltrate the compound and take the BD_9430 recording. You can either sneak your way inside or go in guns blazing. For this walkthrough, we will be explaining the stealth method, but you can use your weapons at any point.

After reaching the entrance barrier of the studio, wait for the two guards to finish talking. There are also two cameras next to them as shown in the image below.

Hack the cameras to disable them and then sneak in to silently take down both guards.

Note the camera locations for a stealth run in Dirty Biz.

Once both guards are down, head up the stairs and you will notice more guards up ahead. Hide behind the boxes and maneuver your way (either by killing them or sneaking past them) into the hideout where you will encounter one more enemy.

If you choose to go from the outside of the hideout i.e: the stairs located ahead on the right side of the hideout then you will come across more enemies on the upper floor guarding the hideout.

Make your way inside the hideout and then once you go upstairs you will enter a store room. Loot the area and you will find a DR-12 Quasar in a cache and other loot along the way.

Waking up Gottfrid and Fredrik has its own charm in Dirty Biz.

Head into the next room where you will hear Gottfrid and Fredrik in a small closed room on the right. Open the door of the room and you will find them lying in their BD.

Now you can choose to either sneak through them and retrieve the recording placed on the shelf beyond those two or you can wake them up and ask them for the recording. Either option will get you the recording and you can even choose to kill one or both of them and the outcome will not alter.

Once you have retrieved the recording, run out of the compound and make your way to the drop-off point which is the nearest vendor.

Once dropped, you will receive a call from Regina to end the quest.

Drop the braindance recording here to complete Dirty Biz in Cyberpunk 2077.

Dirty Biz choices

If you are going for a pacifist run, you can wait for Gottfrid and Fredrik to finish talking and get back into their chairs. This will allow you to take the BD_9430 recording without them noticing, and without you killing them.

If you decide to wake them up to demand answers, you will have the freedom to make some choices. They will not have much information to give, so these choices will be based on purely how you want to complete Dirty Biz in Cyberpunk 2077 based on their involvement in the murder.

What happens if you kill Gottfrid and Fredrik?
Gottfrid, the father, will try to stall the conversation. Killing him will break Fredrik who will immediately hand over the recording. This works vice versa as well. Killing Fredrik instead will see Gottfrid hand over the BD recording.

You can also choose to kill both Gottfrid and Fredrik before retrieving the recording yourself. The outcome will be the same.

Should you kill or spare them?
Considering the extremism of this confrontation and the contents of the computer placed near Fredrik, most players deem it necessary to kill them both.

That being said, you can let them finish their dialogues and spare them if you want to. You will still get the recording evidence and leave it up to the NCPD to take care of them.

Dirty Biz locked door

Before entering the room where Gottfrid and Fredrik are, there is a locked room on the right side which can either be unlocked by authorized personnel or by having a level 7 Technical Ability.

After retrieving the recording, head on into the locked room to find additional loot including an Electric Baton Gamma, and then you can jump out of the window and out of the compound.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Dirty Biz rewards

  • 234 exp
  • 565 Street Cred
  • 1390 eddies
  • DR12 Quasar (Rare) (Found in a cache on the upper floor)
  • Electric Baton Gamma (Rare) (Found in one of the safes in the locked room)

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