Cyberpunk 2077 An Inconvenient Killer Guide 

In Cyberpunk 2077, you will sometimes have to work for your friends get their personal justices, such as in the An Inconvenient Killer gig.

Along with main and side jobs, some gigs appear once you have street cred of at least level 9. An example of the gig is An Inconvenient Killer in Cyberpunk 2077. In this gig, you are asked by Dino to neutralize Jack Mausser. 

Jack Mausser did work for Dino, but he doubled-crossed him during a job. Now that the cops are looking for Jack, and Dino wants him to be neutralized. So, he gives Dino’s name to the cops. Use the guide below and learn about options to complete the gig.  

Cyberpunk 2077 An Inconvenient Killer Location

cyberpunk 2077 an inconvenient killer

Upon traveling to the location shown in the map in the map image above, you will get a call from Dino Dinovic, who will give you a gig (An Inconvenient Killer). Walk forward to the entrance to talk to the guard. If you have a STREETKID background, you can convince him to let you in for free; otherwise, pay him $500 to get in.  

There is another way in, but you must have Technical Ability 9. You can pass through the backdoor, but it is risky as you need to sneak past several guards.  

Find Jack Mausser 

jack mausser club stairs cyberpunk 2077

Once you are inside the club, ascend the stairs as shown above. Make sure to deactivate cameras to avoid being spotted. Turn right at the top and walk forward. Turn right to the security room and ensure the guard inside is busy.  

Quickly turn left to open two consecutive doors. Close the last door so no guard will enter through the door. Climb up the stairs to the top. Jump to the railing on top of the club. Keep walking until you see Jack Mausser standing close to the window.  

Get to Jack Mausser in the VIP area

jack mausser location inside club cyberpunk 2077

Move forward on the railing until you see a large gap to jump through. After jumping, you will see a small gap to jump down. Use this gap to drop to the room below. Pass through two consecutive doors to enter the VIP area where Jack Mausser is standing.  

Upon approaching, he will ask you why you are here and who sent you.  

Talk to Jack Mausser 

Now, you have two options to get the gig done. The first way is to neutralize Jack by any means. It is preferable to do it in a non-lethal way, or else you will have to carry Jack’s body outside. The second and best option is to talk to him and convince him to leave the city.  

After Jack is convinced to leave the Night City, leave the club using the same route. After leaving, Dino will call you and give you a drop location to collect your reward. Since it is 300m from the club, use a vehicle or bike to save time.  

Follow the marker to the drop location and press the collect rewards prompt to get it. 

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