How To Resurrect Followers In Cult Of The Lamb

You must do everything in your power to take care of your followers in Cult of the Lamb. However, some...

You must do everything in your power to take care of your followers in Cult of the Lamb. However, some of them will eventually die due to either sickness, old age, or being sacrificed for a higher cause.

Thankfully, there is a way to resurrect followers in the game. There will always be some followers who were excellent workers or had quality traits. You will naturally want to have them back in your ranks.

The following guide will explain how the reviving ritual works and what you need to do to bring back your dead followers in Cult of the Lamb.

How To Unlock The Revival Ritual

You need the Ritual of Resurrection to revive your followers. To unlock the said Revival Ritual, you will need to establish a Doctrine.

For that purpose, you must get three Commandment Stones by gathering nine Commandment Stone fragments—three fragments combine to create one Commandment Stone.

How To Get Stone Fragments

You can get your hands on Stone fragments by defeating the main boss at the end of each Crusade. You can also spot certain side quests that reward Stone fragments.

The easiest way of getting Stone fragments for Commandment Stones, however, has to be your own followers. All you have to do is level up your followers’ loyalty by either Blessing or Inspiring them on a daily basis.

You can also gift them items that boost their stats and actions, as well as complete their personal quests. Note that every time a follower levels up, you will get a fragment.

How To Resurrect Followers

When you are ready, enter the Church and establish your new Doctrine. The Ritual of Resurrection lies in the second tier of Afterlife. You will need three Commandment Stones to reach the Ritual.

After unlocking the Revival Ritual, head to the altar and begin resurrecting your followers. It will cost 75x Bones and -15x Faith to resurrect a single follower.

The only worthwhile cost here is a hit to your Faith. That, however, will seem little as you advance further in the game. Hence, always keep an eye on your best followers. Make sure that they are healthy and stay alive for as long as possible. Once dead, bring them back with the Revival Ritual.

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