How To Give Gifts In Cult Of The Lamb

Taking care of your followers includes more than just feeding and healing them in Cult of the Lamb. You will also need to give them gifts as a way to reward them for their loyalty.

Unfortunately, Cult of the Lamb does little to explain how to gift your followers. The following guide will hence tell you how to shower your followers with trinkets and baubles to keep them happy.

How To Find Gifts

You will often come across necklaces and other items that can be worn by your followers in dungeons or when you are crusading. They will either be inside chests or will be rewarded to you for a successful run.

There is no way to purchase gifts in Cult of the Lamb. This might seem a bit frustrating at first but as you keep progressing, you will eventually start hoarding a number of gifts in your inventory.

There is no reason to keep them on you. You need to give them to your followers as gifts.

How To Gift Followers

To give a follower a gift, select them in the game and then choose “Interact” from the pop-up wheel. You will now see an option to “Give Gift” as long as you have a gift in your inventory.


Take note that gifting items to followers will give them a useful perk. These bonuses can either boost their stats or improve their actions. Hence, do not gift an item to a random follower.

Check the follower first to who you want to give a gift. For example, an item that boosts lumber harvest should be gifted to a follower working in a lumberyard. Since you can only gift a single item to each follower, your gift and its follower count.

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