How To Heal Followers In Cult Of The Lamb

Your followers will fall sick due to various reasons in Cult of the Lamb. Hence, as their leader, it is...

Your followers will fall sick due to various reasons in Cult of the Lamb. Hence, as their leader, it is your responsibility to take care of them at all times.

You must not only heal your followers by curing their diseases and sickness but also make sure that they are fairly rested. In addition, you must be quick because if left untreated, your sick followers might cause other followers to get sick or worse, succumb to their illness.

The following guide will point out how your followers are going to fall ill and how you can heal them in Cult of the Lamb.

How To Keep Followers Healthy In Cult Of The Lamb

Clean up poop and vomit

You have to feed your followers to keep them healthy. They must then excrete like any other normal human being, which they will do outside your camp from time to time. Give your followers bad food like Basic Berry Bowl and they will have a higher chance of pooping.

Seeing poop out in the open will cause followers to vomit. Seeing corpses and puddles of vomit will make them throw up as well.

You must make sure that your camp is clean of any poop or vomit because they will spread disease in the long run.

When you start the game, you will only be able to manually clean poop and vomit by approaching them and pressing the “E” button on your keyboard.

Later on, you will be able to build an Outhouse for your followers to relieve themselves. You will also be able to build a Janitor Station that automatically keeps the camp sanitized by cleaning up any poop or vomit on the ground.

Tell your followers to rest

Some followers only require rest to feel better. When you spot sick followers, talk to them and tell them to rest. Take note that resting will not heal followers who are in critical conditions.

Something else of importance is to always check your followers’ health before taking them on crusades. A sick follower’s condition will only grow worse in battle.

Build Healing Bays

You can build a Healing Bay for some old-fashioned healing. Select your sick followers and spend 15x Camellia to completely heal them, bringing their health bars to full.

Cook special meals

You can lastly cook special meals to cure sickness but with a random element. The Delicious Fish Feast, for example, can heal your followers and bring them back on their feet. The meal, however, only has a 30% success rate. What you can do is make multiple meals for a higher healing chance.

You can cook the Delicious Fish Feast with the following recipe: 1x Octopus, 1x Squid, 1x Blowfish, and 1x Sword Fish.

You will need to unlock fishing to either catch the fish yourself or purchase them for 10 gold each from the fisherman.

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