Cult of the Lamb Marriage Guide

Apart from massacring the members and bishops of the old faith in Cult of the Lamb, you can also set up some rituals and do some nice things once in a while. One of them is marriage, where you marry your follower or have two followers marry each other. Doing this increases the faith of your followers in your religion. This guide will explain how you can set up the marriage rituals in Cult of the Lamb and what are the benefits for it.

How to Get Married in Cult of the Lamb

In order to marry your followers, you will have to set up the doctrine that allows you to do so. To enable the ritual, you will need Commandment Stones. These are made from fragments that you can farm easily in-game.

To farm the Fragments, you can

  • Level up your followers
  • Daily Sermons
  • Blessing them and giving gifts
  • Completing quests

You will need six fragments to get two commandment stones. After farming them, you can find the marriage doctrine along with the law and order doctrine. After enabling the doctrine, you can wed any one of your followers at your altar.

Benefits of Getting Married

Marriage isn’t an essential part of Cult of the Lamb. However, getting married does bring some benefits. Starting with, marriage increases the happiness of your followers, so you will get a 30+ Faith bonus just for having a Marriage Ritual.

Since you’re the leader, you get to have multiple spouses, and sacrificing them grants additional bonuses. Of course, you can resurrect them if you want to do so. Giving your spouses a bit of your love, like smooching, counts as an additional blessing that helps you level up your followers.


Downsides of Getting Married

Marriage is good, but having multiple spouses at the same time causes jealousy and later leads to dissension. That is the only downside of it and it’s a small price to pay for the happiness of your followers.

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