Cult of the Lamb Map Icons Explained

This guide will help you with the various markers on the map and explain all the Map Icons in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb‘s Crusades offers crucial resources for your cult’s growth. Each randomly generated Crusade map presents you with choices, and understanding the map icons is key to making informed decisions.

These icons signify what awaits you on each path: resources like bones, coins, or lumber, potential new followers, or even shops to buy supplies. They also warn you of upcoming challenges, such as mini-bosses or the showdown with a Bishop.

This guide will unlock the secrets of Cult of the Lamb‘s map icons. By deciphering their meanings, you’ll be able to plan your Crusade routes strategically, ensuring you gather the resources your cult desperately needs to thrive.

Crusade Map in Cult of the Lamb

Crusade maps unlock different regions for you to explore, like combat areas, bonus and teleport rooms, tarot cards, and gear shops. Each path in the Crusade run is randomized, and you will have to carefully pick between multiple paths to get to the final battle.

There are over five different maps in the game, and each map contains different symbols and routes that identify the threat or small bonus you will gain in the next region. It is important to understand that at the start of each map, you will be placed at the bottom of the web and need to work your way up.

Choosing Paths in Crusade Maps

Cult of the Lamb Map Icons

Cult of the Lamb contains different nodes throughout the game; each node represents a single room. Once you complete a node completely, you will get the Crusade map.

Did You Know

Some nodes depict a single room, whereas combat nodes contain multiple rooms. You need to complete the relevant node on your way to get back to the map.

As said above, you must select your node carefully throughout the game to make your cult a success. Like in the early game, you must focus on Lumber to quickly restore critical cult structure. But you will also need to pick a path that gives you New Followers. Once you have moved out of the early game, you must focus on Pray Tarot, Shop, Hearts, or Events. These will increase your chances of success in the run.


If you’re confused about node selection, look for the other nodes you will have access to by selecting a specific path. This will help you in choosing the first node in a Crusade.

How to Unlock Map Icons?

To unlock new map icons, you need to explore different maps. Anchordeep and Silk Cradle are two dungeon areas you need to visit in the early game to experience new map icons.

Cult of the Lamp Map Icons

Each mark has four dungeons and 14 different icons that aid your journey in one way or another. For instance, some give you benefits with more enemies, while others provide you with food and resources for your cult.

You will see some map icons with ribbons underneath them; such symbols act as modifiers to that specific portion of the Crusade. Some modifiers include the loss of a Red Heart but the gain of a Tarot Card, Chests that drop Food instead of Coins, or double the number of Coins, and so on.

Below is a list of all the Map Icons and what they represent in Cult of the Lamb.

Normal Fight: This represents a room containing enemies without any special bonuses

Mini-Boss Fight: This shows a mini-boss fight in a region (runs one through three)

Cult of the Lamb Map IconsBishop Fight: This marks the main boss fight in a region (fourth run)

Bones: This indicates that you can collect Bones in the specified spot.

Cult of the Lamb Map IconsCoins: This indicates that you can collect Coins in the specified spot.

Food: This indicates that you can collect Food in the specified spot.

Lumber: This indicates that you can collect Lumber in the specified spot.

Stone: This indicates that you can collect Stone in the specified spot.

Cult of the Lamb Map IconsNew Follower: This icon indicates that there is a potential for a new Follower after the elimination of the enemy wave.

Heart: This can be used to restore health.

Cult of the Lamb Map IconsShop: This icon specifies a shop or vendor from where you can buy various items including skins for followers

Cult of the Lamb Map IconsTarot: This Indicates Clauneck’s tent where you can collect a Tarot Card to improve your power

Event: This marks randomized encounters that can give provide various benefits

Cult of the Lamb Map IconsPray: This icon indicates the room with an altar of The One Who Waits. You can pray here to get bonuses.

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