How To Build Farm In Cult Of The Lamb

Farming is an extremely important activity in Cult of the Lamb that allows you to provide high-quality food to your...

Farming is an extremely important activity in Cult of the Lamb that allows you to provide high-quality food to your followers. That is part of your responsibility of taking care of your followers or else they will succumb to disease and death.

The following guide will explain how you farm in Cult of the Lamb.

How To Farm In Cult Of The Lamb

Farming in the game involves several phases. You cannot just start growing food from the get-go. You must first build a farming plot and then get farming facilities to be able to sow seeds. Only then can you consider growing and upgrading your crops.

Unlock Farm Plot

You can unlock a Farm Plot for 1x Divine Inspiration from the Shrine after unlocking the Temple.

Next, use the workbench and head into the Build menu to select the Farm Plot. The cost for each Farm Plot is 2x Coins and 5x Grass. You can build as many Farm Plots as you want but since resources are limited in the game, make sure to not go overboard.

Unlock Farming Bundle

You now need a Farmer Station and a Seed Silo for your newly acquired Farm Plot. These two facilities are part of the Farming Bundle that you can unlock from the Shrine.

Farmer Station is for watering crops while Seed Silo helps store seeds to be sowed later. Farmer Station can be built using 20x Coins and 20x Lumber. Seed Silo will cost 20x Coins, 10x Lumber, and 10x Stone.

Take note that you must place Farm Plots within the range of Farmer Station or else your crops will not be watered. Similarly, make sure to place the Seed Silo near the Farmer Station so that your followers have access to the seeds.

It is best that you quickly learn a good farming layout for your crops. Check the ranges of Farmer Stations and Seed Silos and then place Farming Plots as much as you can. This will ensure a constant harvest without issues, leaving you to focus on other chores.

You can also add fertilizers to every Farm Plot to keep the growth of the seeds healthy. If you want to buy some additional or new seeds, you will need to find the merchant outside the opening to Anchordeep.

Upgrade Your Farm

Once you have built a farm, there are various upgrades in the Shrine that you can apply to your farm.

  • Scarecrow: it will make sure that the birds don’t disturb the growth of your seeds.
  • Fertilizer Silo: You can store the fertilizers as you store the seeds. Fertilizer Silo can be used for this.
  • Harvest Totem: This upgrade will help to boost the speed of the growth of your seeds.
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