Cult of the Lamb: Best meal and dish recipes

Feeding your followers is one of the major tasks of every cult leader in Cult of the Lamb. Giving your...

Feeding your followers is one of the major tasks of every cult leader in Cult of the Lamb. Giving your followers a good meal will make them happy and most importantly, loyal.

You will need to quickly learn how to cook food early on in the game and be on the lookout for new ingredients to use in new meal recipes.

The following guide provides some of the best food recipes and their effects on your followers in Cult of the Lamb.

Five best Cult of the Lamb meals to cook

Modest Mixed Meal

The Modest Mixed Meal is an improvement to the Meager Mixed Meal. This one uses pumpkins, minnows, and better meat cuts for a tasty meal. Though it could look better.

The Modest Mixed Meal increases your follower’s loyalty by 20%.

Cheery Cauliflower Chowder

This recipe only has one ingredient that is pretty evident from its name—cauliflower. This simple and delicious recipe only has a 5% chance of causing any sort of illness and a 25% chance of someone dropping valuable resources after consuming it.

Minced Follower Meat

Ingredients of this dish include bones and meat of a sacrificed cultist. Benefits are worthwhile; chances of increasing loyalty of followers are 25% and chances of stopping your followers from dissenting are also high at 40%.

However, it is a 1-star dish due to a high chance (75%) of making your followers sick.

Bowl of Poop

Although it might sound disgusting, this dish is helpful when the cult leader is asked for a poop-eating fantasy and dream by the followers.

Also, you can use it against protestors that might be causing problems for you because this dish has 50% of causing illness, and faith loss will be -20. In the worst cases, this dish can also cause death.

Pungent Fish Stew

Although this dish is only 1-star and is not that delicious, it is really easy to prepare with only three minnows per bowl required. This dish does not add up to the devotion and loyalty of your followers.

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