Creator of Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mods Brings Pink Dark Vader, White Darth Vader Coming Soon

After the release of Star Wars Battlefront 2, the game faced backlash for its aggressive monetization model. It affected gameplay and little to no cosmetic items were added. When asked about why there are no cosmetic items in Battlefront 2, EA CEO stated that no one wants to see a Pink Darth Vader running around, it would hurt canon.

However, it seems modders don’t care about canon as much as EA does and uses it as an excuse for not adding cosmetic items. We now have a Pink Lord Vader in Star Wars Battlefront 2 thanks to modders. One of the members of the modding community has managed to add a Pink Darth Vader so if you see one running around in the game, you now know where he came from.

The mod is available to download and along with the download link, the creator has shared the following statement from EA CEO Blake Jorgensen.

Darth Vader in white probably doesn’t make sense, versus in black. Not to mention you probably don’t want Darth Vader in pink. No offense to pink, but I don’t think that’s right in the canon.

More Star Wars Battlefront 2 mods are in development including a white Darth Vader. Both Pink and White Dark Vader are a jab at Blake Jorgensen.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is probably the worst handled game in terms of its monetization model. Although the loot boxes were removed from the game, EA lost its remaining reputation in the community.  EA is making changes for the next season as well which should improve the situation to some extent, Battlefront 2 has lost 50% of its sales compared to Battlefront.

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