EA Announces Star Wars Battlefront 2 Credit Changes for Next Season

EA has announced that they’ll be implementing various Battlefront 2 credit changes for the game’s next season of gameplay, including increasing the amounts at the ends of rounds and in the Arcade mode, new heroes, heroes, and vehicles coming in with the new season, and the Resurrection DLC for the game’s story campaign.

Credits are one of the ways that players can unlock heroes and various weapons throughout their playtime in the game, but EA came under a great deal of flak for the sheer amount of credits and the stupidly large amount of money that you’d have to pay in order to unlock everything in the game.

It seems that with the backlash (and pressure from Disney), they’ve decided to start thinking very hard about making the game able to be progressed both through regular play and microtransactions.

To start off with, the Battlefront 2 credit changes will lead to an increased end-of-round payout at the end of matches, meaning that you’ll be getting more credits whenever you finish a game. If you’re the top player in a game, you’ll get even more credits. This also extends to the Arcade mode, where after you complete a mission there you’ll earn three times as many credits as you used to.

Various faction challenges are also beginning, meaning you can pick a side and lead them to victory in order to get better rewards.

The loot crates that you get for logging in every day are also going to be changed. Players will now be getting more parts out of them, meaning that you’ll be able to manufacture more Star Cards faster.

And that’s not even getting into this season, which is launching with The Last Jedi only weeks away. Players will be getting new heroes (Finn for the Resistance and Captain Phasma for the First Order), new maps (the planet Crait on the ground and D’Qar in space battles), and new vehicles as well.

The next chapter in the game’s story mode, Resurrection, will also be coming, and will be releasing on December 13. So be on the lookout for the Battlefront 2 credit changes, along with all of the new content releasing as well.