Crackdown 3 the Notorious Facing Yet Another Delay?

The Microsoft Studios action-adventure Crackdown 3 seems to be facing yet another delay in release following changes from Amazon and Microsoft stores.

A few months back doubts were being raised on Sumo Digital being so quiet about Crackdown 3. Developers wrote that off by indicating that they prefer working in the shadows. But recently surfaced evidence suggest that the shadows had something else cooking indeed. You guessed it right, we may have another delay in the release of Crackdown 3 at our hands.

The latest title of the action-adventure series has seen a lot of delays already. But this one might not be as bad as you might think at first. Crackdown 3 is being delayed a few days only and this time for good.

The concerns arose at first when the Xbox account deleted their tweet. Their post about announcing the release date of Crackdown 3 is off from Twitter. Furthermore, the Microsoft store has also changed the release date to the generic placeholder.

On top of all that, Amazon has now pushed the launch date for Crackdown 3 to 28 February 2019. The original release date was 22 February. Over the course of its development, Xbox assured that the game is on track so another delay is suspicious.

So, we know that Crackdown 3 is not at all getting canceled but wasn’t that one real delay enough? The E3 announcement for February 2019 was in fact considered the final offer. But as it stands it isn’t going to be so.

On the brighter side, this is also expected to be a step to avoid any clashes with games like Anthem and Metro Exodus. Both of these titles are also coming out on 22 February 2019. Sumo Digital and Microsoft might have worked it out to steer away from any outside force from Crackdown 3. So this delay is nothing serious as the game is done by developers over and over again already. Moreover, the anticipation for the game would not want to get hurt with another postpone from Microsoft Studios.

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