Crackdown 3 Is Not Cancelled, Says Microsoft

After the rumors of Crackdown 3 being canceled due to the cancellation of pre-orders by Amazon, Microsoft has confirmed that the game has not been delayed.

Crackdown 3 has faced many delays since the game was initially announced in 2014. The game was set to release in 2016 then 2017 and 2018 to be the latest with no specific release date yet.

Yesterday, Amazon Spain canceled many pre-orders of the game which was also reported by people on Reddit which made it look like that Crackdown 3 has been delayed once again but luckily this time Microsoft took it to Twitter to say that the issue was Amazon’s fault.

General Manager of Marketing for Microsoft, Aaron Greenberg sent out a Tweet by saying:

“The team continues to work hard on the game for our fans, you should contact Amazon directly for any questions related to orders with them,”

In reply to everyone who thought the title has been delayed. He then said that the issue was from Amazon’s side and it will be addressed soon.

Recently, Phil Spencer reassured that the game is on track by indicating on the social network Twitter that “we have a plan and the team has set the dates.” For now, there are no announcements, but the executive assures that “we will talk about the game soon, but we will not have to wait too long”.

This panic seems valid after seeing the recent delays by Microsoft. Last year Scalebound was canceled by Microsoft declaring that there are development issues and afterward Fable Legends which got terminated due to the disclosure of Lionhead Studios.

Now all that’s left for us is E3 2018 which is just some days away and we hope to know more about Crackdown 3 as Microsoft is in a tough spot due to the latest problems it has faced regarding Xbox exclusives and delays.

Crackdown 3 is an action-adventure open world game set 10 years after the story of Crackdown 2.

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