Crackdown 3 Multiplayer Will Feature Cloud-Based Destruction After All

A credible source is strongly suggesing that Crackdown 3 would indeed feature 100% percent destruction in it's multiplayer mode.

The latest rumor about Crackdown 3 concerns the destructibility in its Multiplayer mode. The process of developing Crackdown 3 has been a slippery slope for Sumo Digital. The game has seen many controversies along the way whether it is about the release date or gameplay.

One after another delay has been the highlight for Crackdown 3 in recent times. Every time an update gets published about the game fans hope that it won’t be another delay. But, a new rumor about Crackdown 3 Multiplayer suggests that something big is coming up.

The news broke when a few tweets about Crackdown 3 came up on Twitter from Klobrille. He is a credible source as he broke the news on Microsoft acquiring Playground Games before. This is actually quite good news following a string of delay announcements.

Still, there seems to be one slight issue with this news. As the fans got disappointed more than a few times it doesn’t seem true. Moreover, despite the credibility of the source, it doesn’t seem believable. It is due to the fact that cloud-based destruction isn’t promised to fans for the first time.

Anyways, Klobrille also suggested towards the arrival of 1000 Crackdown 3 orbs. This goes on to show that Microsoft Studios have raised the stakes more than ever before in the series. Additionally, Xbox One X is the best platform for an ultimate experience of Crackdown 3. Of course, that is if you don’t have a dedicated PC to yourself.

Apart from this update on the Multiplayer mode of Crackdown 3, Xbox also announced a demo. The game would be playable at the X018 event in Mexico. Developers recently also explained why they didn’t talk much about the game. The most appropriate answer given to that question indicated that they liked working in the shadows. Crackdown 3 launch is now set for February 2019 and we all hope it stays that way.

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