Crackdown 3 Demo Confirmed for X018, Let’s Hope It Doesn’t Get Delayed Again

Microsoft is finally giving us a deeper glimpse into the game with by confirming the Crackdown 3 demo for the Xbox X018 event.

There have been plenty of obstacles faced by Microsoft to reach this stage. Finally, we’re going to be able to witness the Crackdown 3 gameplay at the Xbox X018 event. Confirmation for the Crackdown 3 demo to be available at X018 is now out.

The Microsoft exclusive game is finally opening itself up for the fans after a wait full of delays. There have been lots of ups and downs along the way. The E3 Crackdown 3 release date announcement for the game was an uplifter for the fans. But one after another delay resulted in hurting the morale of the fans.

Yet, all that is now about to become history in the coming month. The confirmation of the Crackdown 3 demo has flown in all the way from Mexico. The official twitter account of Xbox Mexico made the announcement in Spanish.

The translation of this suggests that it is going to be one of the playable games at Xbox Fan Fest. Fans can try the game at the Xbox Fan Fest accompanied with the X018 conference. A wonderful opportunity awaits ahead for the fans to experience all these happenings.

Moreover, this marks after the 2017 demo this would the first time Crackdown 3 gameplay is open to the fans. The developers might have indicated at this when they broke silence on the delay rumors of the game. This is why Sumo Digital had been working in the shadows all this while.

Meanwhile, the Xbox X018 event itself is going to be full of revelations. It could reportedly even feature Microsoft’s next-gen console dubbed as Xbox Scarlett. Besides, this would only serve as a cherry on top of the icing on the cake if it happens, which is quite unlikely. But the Crackdown 3 demo would be enough of excitement as well.

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