No Scalebound Is Not Back In Development, Rumors Are Misleading

A recent rumor has got most of the fans thinking that perhaps Scalebound is back in development. Unfortunately for those who took this rumor way.

Back in 2017, Scalebound was one of the highest profiled console exclusives in development for Xbox One, when it got canceled. After all those years of trailers and E3 appearances, this co-op action RPG could not follow through. Microsoft went as far as to remove all its trailers from YouTube even. However, a recent rumor has got most of the fans thinking that perhaps the game is back in development. To which we are sorry to inform you that it is not the case.

Recently fans came upon a listing for Scalebound on the Microsoft Store and the listing has existed since at least April 2018. Wich got most of the fans thinking that perhaps it is actually back in development. Still, it is unclear if it has been available for a long time before then or not.

Unfortunately for those who took this rumor way to seriously may not be happy to hear that according to Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft the game has not resumed development.

He addressed this rising rumor, on his official Twitter account recently. According to him this Microsoft store listing for Scalenound is a “very old hidden page” that can’t be found using the site’s search functionality. Greenberg then also added that he would have a team follow up on this listing issue. So it is very likely the page will likely be removed.

However, at the time of this writing, the page was still visible on Microsoft’s website, not sure about now. Having said that, despite the fact that Aaron Greenberg has seemingly shot down the possibility of the game being in development, not all hopes are lost. As last year Microsoft renewed the Scalebound trademark before its reveal was even due, which does point in the direction that, the company may be doing something with this IP or at least has plans to do so.

Scalebound was in development for PC and Xbox One.