How To Make Habitable Rooms In Core Keeper

This guide teaches you How to Make Habitable Rooms in Core Keeper and summon NPC merchants to trade items with.

Making a room worth living in is required if you want to house NPCs in there and then later buy items from certain NPCs in Core Keeper. This guide will discuss everything to know about how to make a room habitable in Core Keeper.

How to Summon NPCs in Core Keeper

NPCs will appear for the first time after you have defeated certain bosses, but you cannot buy items from them immediately.

To make this possible, you have to make a house/room for the NPC where they will come and settle down. After the merchant settles down, then you can start trading items. For the merchant to settle down in your base, you need to ensure that you have habitable rooms.

How to Make a Room Habitable in Core Keeper

You cannot just build a regular room and summon the NPC. Several requirements need to be fulfilled for an NPC to come and settle down so you can start trading items with them. The requirements are as follows.


The size of the room should be no more than 8×8 tiles. Different sizes may or may not work, but this size is recommended.


For the surroundings of the rooms, use wooden walls, floors, and doors. Placing a light source is not necessary.


The bed is one of the key components for the NPC to move in. You cannot reuse a bed that has previously been used. To craft a bed, you will need 10 wood and 5 fibers. You can craft the bed on the bench in the base tab.

Summoning Item

Finally, place the special summoning item inside the room so the NPC can be attracted.


After finishing the room, maintain a distance of about 50 tiles for a few seconds. When you return to the room, the NPC will have moved in, and you can start trading items.

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