How to Craft Ancient Hologram Pod in Core Keeper

This guide will talk about the NPC recruiting mechanic and How to Craft the Ancient Hologram Pod in Core Keeper.

The Hive Mother boss is one of the several deadly encounters you’ll have in Core Keeper. You must kill her to be able to craft The Hologram Pod. This guide will talk about the NPC recruiting mechanic and how to craft the Ancient Hologram Pod in Core Keeper.

Types of NPCs in Core Keeper

There are three types of NPCs: Spirit Merchant, the Caveling Merchant, and the Bearded Merchant. You will unlock each merchant by killing a different world boss. Each of these NPCs has a specific spawn item that you must use to spawn them.

The bearded merchant is spawned by finding Slime Oil dropped by Glurch the Abominous. The Caveling Merchant’s spawn item is Mysterious Idol dropped by Ghorm the Devourer.

The Spirit Merchant’s spawn item is the Ancient Hologram Pod. You will be able to craft this item once you have killed the Hive Mother. The Hive Mother is present in the depths of The Clay Caves Biome. Killing her will allow you to craft the Hologram Pod, which further helps you summon the Spirit Merchant.

You will have to access the Hive Mother’s Effigy to do so. We’ll discuss this in detail later in the article. First, let’s talk about the primary mechanism to help you with NPC recruitment.

How to Recruit NPCs in Core Keeper

In Core Keeper, you must build NPC houses properly if you want friendly merchants living at your base.

As discussed above, during your Core Keeper journey, you will come across various powerful monsters, and after defeating them, you’ll gain access to special items.

You will use these items to spawn different merchants. Having merchants nearby is helpful because they will help you buy valuables that you can exchange for coins and other valuable items.

The first step required to recruit them is to build a room between 2×2 and 8×8 in the area. This room must contain Wooden Doors and a Bed.

Once you’ve placed the bed, you must not sleep on it, or the merchants will wander away. If you end up doing so, remove and replace this bed.

You must place the spawn item on the floor and then leave the area. The NPCs only spawn if you are at a minimum of 30 miles away from the area.

How to Craft The Ancient Hologram Pod in Core Keeper

Now that we’ve discussed the main mechanic used to recruit merchants in Core Keeper. Let’s talk about how you can build The Hologram Pod, a workbench that summons the Spirit merchant and allows you to craft more items.

First, you will prepare The Hologram Pod at the Hive Mother Statue at the Core. Then you will be able to summon the spirit merchant, but unlike the other two merchants, being a hologram the Spirit Merchant does not require a room or a bed.

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