How to Get Ancient Pickaxe in Core Keeper

The following guide will help players find the legendary Ancient Pickaxe in Core Keeper for not only mining ore but also doing damage to enemies.

How to get the Ancient Pickaxe in Core Keeper

You can equip the Ancient Pickaxe to increase both your mining prowess and melee damage. It adds 171-209 melee damage, +1671 mining damage, 500 durability, and 2.5 attacks per second to your stats; making itself a fairly useful item to have.

You will first need to have the Luminous Tulip before going after the Ancient Pickaxe. This is because the item is located inside a tomb in Azeos’ Wilderness that is blocked with heavy boulders. You will need the Luminous Tulip to remove the boulders and clear the entrance to the tomb.

The tomb will be marked with a large skull on the map. Follow the directions on the map below. Once inside the tomb, break all of the jugs. One of them will contain the Ancient Pickaxe.

Take note that the tomb will be located near the end of Azeos’s Wilderness. There will naturally be enemies between you and the tomb. It will be best if you cleared out the area around the tomb before heading inside to find the Ancient Pickaxe.

Core Keeper is essentially a farming game and as such, the Ancient Pickaxe will come in mighty handy in mining rare ores and opening up new and secret paths which would otherwise be inaccessible.

Azeos’ Wilderness itself has Scarlet Ore, one of the rarest metals players can find in Core Keeper. You’ll have plenty of opportunities in the biome to put your Pickaxe to use.

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