Where to Find Amber Larva in Core Keeper

Amber Larva is one of several items players can find in Core Keeper to permanently increase their health pool along with other temporary buffs.

Where to Find Amber Larva in Core Keeper

Larva Amber can be found in the Stone Biome of The Forgotten Ruins. Core Keeper apparently has only one Larva Amber. That is unless there are more but remain to be discovered.

The item will appear as an orange crystalized larva. You’ll need to break the crystal with a pickaxe or use explosives. You’ll probably have the Scarlet Pickaxe by now which will prove helpful.

When the crystal is finally destroyed, grab the Amber Larva and return to your base. You’ll need to boil the item in order to permanently increase your health bar.

Uses of Amber Larva

Besides permanently increasing your HP in Core Keeper, the Amber Larva has multiple other uses as well. Head to the merchant that sells Golden Larva Meat to learn about enchanting the item for additional bonuses.

This item will provide you with an additional 12 food, a +8% critical hit chance for 2 minutes, and +2 health on melee hits for 2 minutes.

When you eat this item, you will get +50 maximum health and an additional 52 maximum health for 7 minutes 30 seconds, for a total boost of 102 maximum health for 7 minutes 30 seconds.

You can also use Amber Larva with other items for some additional buffs such as below.

  • +4 life on melee hits for 3 minutes 36 seconds
  • +52 Max Health for 7 minutes 30 seconds
  • +50 Permanent max health
  • +16% critical hit chance for 3 minutes 36 seconds
  • +31 Food

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