Conan Exiles Leveling Guide

This Conan Exiles Leveling Guide will focus on highlighting the best possible routes to take to survive in the harsh land of Hyboria.

While players are free to choose however they want to level up, this Conan Exiles leveling guide will focus on highlighting the best possible routes to take to survive in the harsh land of Hyboria. Like every other sandbox survival game out there, Conan Exile’s progression is also locked behind a leveling system which we will explain in this Conan Exiles Leveling guide.

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Conan Exiles Leveling Guide

Although the game is designed to be played in a group because of the grind and the resources required for pretty much everything, solo players can also jump in the world of Conan Exiles and not only enjoy the experience but also level up fairly quickly and become powerful enough to tackle various threats.

Generally, players are advised to travel to every Exploration Point marked on the map. The desert alone holds 6 Spawn points each of which reward a decent amount of XP when you travel to them.

While traveling to these exploration points, it’s best to avoid the ones marked by a Skull or is unnamed because these provide harsh conditions which you can’t really survive in unless you’ve got Fur armor to keep yourself warm.

Leveling Tips

While making the character, it is advisable to select Yog as their god for the cannibal tree.

The best way to start levelling fast is to complete journal entries as soon as you start along with all the other things we have mentioned.

The starting journal entries are:

  • Venerate the Gods (Access an Alter)
  • Ride an Elevator
  • Drink Water from a Well
  • Get a Head (Harvest Animals to literally get a head)
  • Throw an Orb
  • Combine Orb Effects
  • Catch a Fish (from a fish trap)

As soon as players start their journey, they need to look to a rock to their side, right below another dead person on the cross. On the rock will be a water pouch which is extremely essential to surviving in the starting few levels as the desert heat will cause dehydration as players run around.

Once players have picked up the water pouch, they need to start moving straight north while collecting stones, branches and plant fiber from the surrounding area. There is no need to stray too far from the path as these resources are abundant in the area. By the time players reach the river north of their spawn, they should have at least 30 stones and 50 branches.

Since these starting resources are required for pretty much everything, there is no cap on how much the player should collect and in order to build tools such as pickaxe and hatchet, the more the player can gather, the better their chances would be.

Once at the river, players need to head west until they see some animals which can be hunted without having to worry about them fighting back. It is still advisable to craft a sleeping bag at this point and place it somewhere safe so if players die, they can respawn on it.

Players need to farm in this area for some time and build a campfire where they can safely store extra stone, wood, and other similar items. Once these resources are abundant, players need to focus on building the Pit of Yog as well as a bone club.

After farming here for some time and ensuring that players have their weapons such as Sword and Bone club as well as ample supply of meat, they need to pick up the essential items and head further west to an oasis, near G9 on the map.

This area is filled with Gazelles as well as rocks that can be used to trap the animals in and prevent them from running. A javelin can be very useful here and a good replacement for the sword. Players need to make sure when they start hunting animals, they are forced towards the rocks so the animals get trapped and it is easy to kill them with javelins.

When the players finally level up enough to unlock iron equipment, they should head towards E7, the corruption area since it is filled with iron and stone making farming extremely bountiful.

To avoid carrying too much, it is best to set up shop here by building furnaces, blacksmithy and tannery.

Furnaces, as discussed above, can be a quick and easy way to level up efficiently. What you need to do is set up around 3 or 4 furnaces if you’ve got enough funds. Have each furnace filled with a thousand coals. Put iron in them for the formation of iron bars.

You can then use these iron bars on the blacksmithing table to form iron arrows and other weapons. By constructing these weapons, you gain XP quickly and thus level up. When you max out, you can move to a different material like steel. Lastly, you can follow up with hardened steel. You’ll have leveled up quite a bit at the end of this affair.

After players craft their iron swords, most enemies will be easy to defeat as long as players strafe and kite them around.

With the iron sword equipped, it is best to continue farming the hyenas and gazelles in this area until players are around level 20, at which point they should head for the nearby city to fight some humans where the bone club will be extremely useful.

You can also make use of a bow and rain down iron arrows on the spiders that are abundant in Weavers Hallow and around Set trainers. Spiders of both these varieties: green/yellow and red/black will award large amounts of XP when you eliminate them. This works as an effective method of farming XP.

Steel Tier And Base Building

Around level 30, players will be able to unlock and craft steel equipment. This is also the ideal time to start building a proper base while keeping in mind that it is to be used by a single player so no point in investing too many resources into building a huge base. The best places to build a base are around F7 and F8.

For the base to hold as strong as possible, you need to install at least 2 high walls which measure 9 in both dimensions.

Moreover, you can surround the outside of the base with ceiling tiles, place one on the doorway as well. Place chests on these tiles and stack materials onto them at your convenience.

Players can also build their base near the small shop they set up in E7 where they built furnaces and blacksmithy since it will save the cost of building those things again.

A Cliffside base is really useful to avoid all kinds of danger. If players build their base near E7, they can proceed northwest to D6 towards the Stygian city.

The NPCs in the city are clustered in groups of 2-4 and extremely easy to kill with steel weapons. These will be the main source of EXP for players while they farm around in the city.

The Bone Club can be used to hit the dead NPCs for meat, which can be eaten by the player. To further improve survivability here, players should also upgrade to medium or heavy armor.

The majority of experience gained after level 34 will be from creating explosive jars and traps. Explosives will require tar so make sure you have that in ample supply.

The jungle is a good place for you to farm both because it provides a lot of enemies and because you can get a lot of tar in the jungle, by having stacks and stacks of reptile hide.

To make explosive jars, you need steelfire (made by tar), demon blood, crystal and brimstone to make dragonpowder.

Then use an Artisan Table to make Jars. When crafted, Explosive Jars provide over 100k experience and the Explosive traps provide a further 400k EXP, so yes! Easy levelling.

You can use a dismantling table to get back your items, to create more. Just collect materials and repeat this to easily level up through the game.

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