Conan Exiles Race And Religion Guide

This Conan Exiles race and religion guide will highlight the benefits and downsides of each religion available in the game.

This Conan Exiles race and religion guide will highlight the benefits and downsides of each religion available in the game right now as well as shed some more information on the difference races players can choose from.

Conan Exiles allows players to choose their own race and religion which adds another depth of roleplaying to the open world survival. While race has no effect on gameplay besides the looks of the character, selecting the right religion at the start will impact on how the player progresses through the game.

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Conan Exiles Race and Religion Guide

There are more than 10 races in the world of Conan Exiles although players can’t select all of them as their race when creating a character. That being said, there are still a considerable amount of options to choose from with some races having unique cosmetic changes such as build sizes, hair type and skin color.


  • Hyborian: these are the natives of the land and the most iconic race in the Conan franchise, descended from a tribe of northern barbarians.
  • Cimmerian: these are raiders who also happen to be descendants of the fabled Atlanteans
  • Stygian: ruled by a monarchy which is in turn controlled by priests of Set
  • Hyrkanian/Turanian: they have a seaside empire and originated from emancipated slaves
  • Khitan: mysterious sorcerers and not much is known about their origins
  • Pict: warriors who love to fight and will engage in battle with everyone
  • Shemite: nomads who are also skilled in craftsmenship and archery
  • Darfari: murderous bandits who roam the lands and dress up as demons
  • Zamorian: known throughout the world as master thieves
  • Zingaran: nobel Zingarans are known for their skilled and chivalrous swordsmanship while sailors are considered brutes
  • Vendhyan: The beautiful people of the Golden Kindom, they are widely known for their higher castes’ beauty.
  • Nordheimer: As the name suggests, these are great warriors hailing from the north. Known for their physical strength and superior prowess in battle.
  • Kushite: Hailed as foreigners belonging to great empires as well as having savage barbarians, they are little understood beyond their own borders.
  • Tribal Himelian: These are peculiar people that are fiercely loyal to their own and fiercely distrusting of outsiders, as they have been constantly at war with their neighbors

As stated earlier, Religion does impact the gameplay although the religion they select at the very start can be changed later if players feel like it. The starting god allows players access to some unique recipes and as they level up, they gain points and can change their preferred religion for access to recipes from another god.

After gaining enough favor with a god, players will also be able to summon their Avatars to wreak havoc on their enemies.

Currently in Conan Exiles, there are only four Religions to choose from and the Conan Exiles Race and Religion Guide will highlight the benefits and downsides of them all. Three more gods will be added to the game as development continues.

The most basic god in the game who doesn’t offer any benefits to player and as such doesn’t require any worship either. This is a good pick for those players who are still undecided on which god to select at the start.

The god of serpents and sacrifice, players can summon his avatar which is a giant snake that can coil itself around structures and then destroy them. Followers of Set gain poison immunity and ability to craft poison arrows

He is known as the god of cannibals and selecting him as the player’s god will allow them to eat the flesh of other humans instead of just having to rely on animals and monsters for food. He also improves weapons and armor

Mitra is the god of right and justice and is the most preferred deity in the Hyborian realms. Mitra’s followers can create sacred statues, clothes and healing consumables.

To gain favor with each god, players need to perform some specific actions which go alongside the god’s style. A Setite Ritual Knife used to cut out the heart of enemies at the altar of Set grants favor with Set. Using a cleaver to harvest unblemished human flesh from bodies and then roasting it on a Yog pit grants favor with Yog while purifying fallen enemies with Mitraen Ankh grants favor with Mitra.

Players can change their religion by visiting the following NPCs in the world:

  • Jamila the Pirate Queen – become an acolyte of Mitra
  • Mek-Kamoses – become an acolyte of Set
  • Nunu the Cannibal – choose Yog as god
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