How To Increase Population Cap In Company Of Heroes 3

There is a limit to how many units you can have at one time, after which you'll need to increase your Company of Heroes 3 population cap.

There is a population cap in Company of Heroes 3 that limits you to having a specific number of units at a time on the battlefield.

You are likely going to be training (or building) new units since having a massive army to outnumber the enemy is one way to increase your winning chances.

However, you will not be able to have any more units once your population cap hits 100. This is the default Company of Heroes 3 population cap of every faction.

If you want to make more units to have more squads on the battlefield, you are going to need to increase your population cap in Company of Heroes 3.

How to increase population cap in Company of Heroes 3

The population cap is a returning mechanic from previous installments in the franchise. It works the same as before except that the new turn-based system has added a bit of a twist.

Hence, the population mechanic works a bit differently in real-time battles and the dynamic campaign map. You will need to know how both of them work to increase your Company of Heroes 3 population cap.

Real-Time Battles

In Company of Heroes, the best way to farm experience is to play the Real-time Battles mode. Every unit uses up a set number of population capacity that it uses up, which is capped at a maximum of 100.

To check your current population capacity, look to the bottom of your screen to find it next to your resources.

The population cap that a troop uses up isn’t necessarily the number of units added to the battlefield. For example, adding a sniper to the battlefield will consume 6 Population Capacity, but will only add one troop to your squad.

In real-time battles, you can increase the number the troops you add to the field by completing certain objectives. These objectives can include capturing certain interest points located in the battle area.

Once an objective is completed, a notification will pop up identifying the new, increased Population Cap. After this, you can add more units as you please to match this Population Cap.

Dynamic Campaign Map

The dynamic campaign mode also makes use of the population capacity to determine the type and number of troops you can bring to the battlefield.

The mechanic uses exactly the same principle as in the Real-Time Battles mode however increasing this capacity will require you to do alternate tasks.

In the dynamic campaign mode, you can bring along additional equipment including tanks, ships, and planes, to increase your military prowess.  

You can strategically use and control these units on the map to gain an advantage over the enemy. They will, however, take up additional space which also uses up your population cap in Company of Heroes 3.

To increase the max population capacity you must gain control over the highlighted harbor areas. To find these locations open your mini-map and look at the areas by the coast.

The towns with an anchor sign over them must be captured to set up your control points there. These points can be used to call in reinforcements, which in turn increase your Company of Heroes 3 population capacity.

Added units can include both Mechanized Divisions and Infantry.

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