Code Vein Vestiges Locations Guide – How to Restore Gifts and Blood Codes

This guide will tell you all you need to know about Vestiges in Code Vein, their uses, and how you can go about acquiring these items.

Before we get into this guide let’s discuss the game a little. Code Vein can be classified as a third-person RPG- action game which seems like it took some inspiration from Souls because of similar gameplays. Now talking about Vestiges, this guide will tell explain what they are, what they do and how you can get them in Code Vein. Let’s get started:

Code Vein Vestiges

You have noticed that even if you have enough Haze you won’t be able to purchase some specific Gifts abilities connected to one Blood Code when you begin collecting Blood Codes and in order to unlock them you have to restore or discover Vestiges which you can see in the requirements section.

Basically, this is what Vestiges are for. You find them and then restore them so that you would be able to unlock Gifts for purchase associated with Blood Codes.

How to Use
Vestiges are usually a red-colored item that you pick up while exploring and then turn them into Io at the Home Base so she can get to restoring them.

For that, just go to Io at the Home Base and ask her to restore these Vestiges by selecting the restore option.

Each Vestige in your inventory restores specific Blood Codes. You will be able to see the lost memories of the Revenant who presented you with these Blood Codes after you make your selection.


These memory segments require you to visit the key moments from the Revenant’s past again and are adequately linear, so it is not that hard to do so and the Vestiges will be restored once you complete a sequence and then you can the related gifts using the Blood Codes.

These are the names of all the Vestiges present in the game:

Prometheus Vestiges (Ruined City Center)

  • Prometheus Vestige I
  • Prometheus Vestige II – Repaired with Prometheus Vestige Part A and Prometheus Vestige Part B
  • Prometheus Vestige III – Repaired with Prometheus Vestige Parts C and D.
  • Prometheus Vestige Part A – Found in a corner past the courtyard at the start of the Ruined City Center
  • Prometheus Vestige Part B – After activating the Park Ruins mistle at the Ruined City Center, defeat the Stone Crusher to collect this Vestige from the ground.
  • Prometheus Vestige Part C – Found in the Ruined City Center. During the Track the Human Girl, head East from the edge and take down the foes you’ll encounter. Go straight from there and you’ll find the Vestige after killing the enemies at the dead-end
  • Prometheus Vestige Part D – After activating the Park Ruins mistle at the Ruined City Center, go down the ladder to find the Vestige behind a statue

Assassin Vestiges (Howling Pit)

  • Assassin Vestige I – Repaired with Assassin Vestige Part A
  • Assassin Vestige II – Repaired with Assassin Vestige Part C and Part D
  • Assassin Vestige III – Repaired with Assassin Vestige Part D
  • Assassin Vestige Part A – Immediately after opening up the eagle key door, head right and then turn left when you spot a big enemy ahead. The item is behind a broken down wall
  • Assassin Vestige Part B – You can find this part just sitting at the bottom of the ramp that goes to the Hills of Deception Mistle
  • Assassin Vestige Part C – A few steps forward from the previous item is part C
  • Assassin Vestige Part D – Take the path down to the left from the Howling Pit entrance. Go up the first ramp to find part D

Atlas Vestiges (Howling Pit)

  • Atlas Vestige Part A – Make your way through the shallow path in the Howling Pit until you come to an open are that has a crashed vehicle on the side. The Vestige is by the vehicle
  • Atlas Vestige Part B – After passing through the water section of the Howling Pit that is by the taxi, head up the path that has a burning torch. The vestige is to your right, just behind the torch
  • Atlas Vestige Part C – There is a big wall by Mistle 2 in the Howling Pit. The Vestige is right behind it on a rock. Just kill the enemy you’ll encounter to collect it.
  • Atlas Vestige Part D – After using the key to activate the lever that lowers the water level, go straight and right from that new area to get the Vestige

Hunter Vestiges (Ruined City Center)

  • Hunter Vestige I – Repaired with Hunter Vestige Part A
  • Hunter Vestige II – Repaired with Hunter Vestige Part B
  • Hunter Vestige III – Repaired with Hunter Vestige Part C
  • Hunter Vestige IV – Repaired with Hunter Vestige Part D
  • Hunter Vestige Part A – Look around the area past the Parking Garage mistle in the Ruined City Center. You’ll find an area underneath that has stairs with boxes at the bottom. Break them to get the Vestige.
  • Hunter Vestige Part B – Look around the area past the Parking Garage mistle after the Invasion ambush in the Ruined City Center. Once you’ve taken down the enemies you’ll encounter, you can get the Vestige by breaking the closeby glass capsules
  • Hunter Vestige Part C – During the encounter with the Stone Crusher right before you get to the Parking Garage Mistle, you’ll spot some boxes in the area. Break them to get the Vestige
  • Hunter Vestige Part D – Once you’ve unlocked the door near the Parking Garage mistle, head downstairs and cross the thorn bridge. You’ll take down a few foes and then pick up the Vestige from the edge of one of the thorns.

Fionn Vestiges (Ridge Of Frozen Souls)

  • Fionn Vestige I – Repaired with Fionn Vestige Parts A and B
  • Fionn Vestige IV Repaired with Fionn Vestige Parts C and D
  • Fionn Vestige Part A From the area where you can see the frozen truck, drop down to the platform below to collect the Vestige.
  • Fionn Vestige Part B Run past the area from where you can see the frozen truck and go straight ahead to the end of the cliff until you find part B.
  • Fionn Vestige Part C Enter the cave right of the Iceless Falls Mistle. Keep descending and then go left to get outside the cave. After taking down the foes you encounter, collect part C.
  • Fionn Vestige Part D From the snowfield summit mistle, go straight down the path and you’ll find part D to the left inside the broken building.

Isis Vestiges (Cathedral of the Sacred Blood)

  • Isis Vestige I – Repaired with Isis Vestige Parts A
  • Isis Vestige II – Repaired with Part B and Part C
  • Isis Vestige III – Repaired with Part D and Part E
  • Part A – This is close to the Inner Tower mistle. Head up the ladder and go right to drop down two times. Head to the opposite side and you will find some boxes to smash. Once you do, you’ll get Part A.
  • Part B – Go to the top of the stairs and go to the right. You’ll spot a tower on the left-hand side and the part is inside the room.
  • Part C – From the Artifice Tower mistle continue forward and go through the door on the right-hand side. Head out from another door straight ahead and you’ll come across a section of the railing that is missing. Drop down to get Part C.
  • Part D – This part is automatically obtained during the cutscene before the boss fight.
  • Part E – From the Cathedral Parameter, head upstairs and keep proceeding forward until you find a place with a ladder to climb down outside. Once you’re at the lower level, enter through the room and proceed forward and go up again. Eventually, you’ll come across a room with a platform that contains Part E.

Artemis Vestiges (Ashen Cavern)

  • Artemis Vestige Part A – Go inside the cavern after you get to the mistle, go right when the path splits and get to the large open room, then go left underneath the stone platform and then take another left to find the vestige.
  • Artemis Vestige Part B – Starting from the mistle, go right and then straight to get the vestige. You would need dog tags to get through the locked doors there.
  • Artemis Vestige Part C – As from the former vestige part, this time go left from the mistle to get this part.
  • Artemis Vestige Part D– This time you will into the tunnel on the right side. At the split take the right path to get to a room and then use the right path and then the ramp to get on the top level. Then turn left and jump off the ledge there to get this vestige at the base.

Darkseeker Vestige

  • Darkseeker Vestige Part A – Climb the ladder following the Frozen Seabed mistle and go inside the tunnel. You will find a stack of wooden boxes that have the vestige underneath.
  • Darkseeker Vestige Part B – Go inside the trenches from the mistle of Dried-up trenches entrance. On the split, go left and then you will have to jump off the path and land on a root. Keep walking along the root and then climb up the ladder at the end. The room there has the vestige along with some enemies.

Eos Vestiges

  • Eos Vestige Part A – This vestige part is located in the Ridge of Frozen Souls in Crypt of the Breath. To get you have to go back to where Cyllene stood before your battle with the boss there and you will get this vestige.
  • Eos Vestige Part B – This is located in the City of Falling Flame in the Back Alley. TO get it just defeat the boss there and find this vestige outside on the floor.
  • Eos Vestige Part C – This is located in the Crown of Sand in Crypt of the Throat. Defeat the boss here and get this vestige near the attendant at the entrance.
  • Eos Vestige Part D – You will find this vestige part in the Provisional Government Outskirts at Provisional Government Outskirts Entrance. You need to go north and up the ladder starting from the ladder. Make your way through the metal walkway, then turn left at the green truck and climb the ladder that comes shortly after. You will find this vestige a few steps ahead.
  • Eos Vestige Part E – This one is located in Provisional Government Outskirts near the Connecting Bridge. You have to beat the Attendant of the relics and get this vestige there.
  • Eos Vestige Part F – You can get this vestige from the same location as the former one. There is a hidden doorway behind the crates and glass cylinders. Go down ladder at the end of the path that comes after you cross the path that comes after the doorway.  The vestige is next to a corpse which is on the left of the ladder.

Harmonia Vestige Parts

  • Harmonia Vestige Part A – This vestige is located in the Crown of Sand at its Entrance. Go into the city ruin by going down the ramp from the mistle then turn right and go south. When you get to a taxi go right into the alleyway and get the vestige that’s lying close to a dumpster there.
  • Harmonia Vestige Part B – This is also in the same area as part A. When the split comes go left  until you get to a traffic light. Defeat the enemy there and keep going towards the end and find the vestige next to a corpse.
  • Harmonia Vestige Part C – Again take the same path as part B but when you get to the taxi go left and then along the sidewalk. Go left from the roadblock and go up the ladder at the end and get this vestige on a ledge after going around the ruined building.
  • Harmonia Vestige Part D – This one is in the Sunken Ruins area. There is a ladder if you go straight and right from the mistle to get to a tight alley. There will be a Lost there, defeat him and go left following the cliff. You will be ambushed, after taking care of that go west and keep going until you get to a split. You will face enemies in this way, but when you get there, go left and get the vestige after defeating three spitters.
  • Harmonia Vestige Part E – This is also in the same area. For the last vestige go left and go towards the boss area and get to a split and then go left and then right. This path will have the vestige at the end.

Survivor Vestige Parts

  • Survivor Vestige Part A – This vestige is present in Ashen Cavern close to Towering Crags. Go to the large room in the cavern and then down the ledge that is on your left. Get to a higher level using a scaled path and then go left into the tunnel and after you reach a room with concrete pillar you will find this vestige at the right close to yellow and black spikes.
  • Survivor Vestige Part B – This one is present close to the Ashen Cavern Entrance. You have to go into the middle of the cavern by going right after the second split and then go to the top using the ramp. Then jump off the ledge on the left side and go straight to find this vestige on the end of a ledge along with a rotten mistle.
  • Survivor Vestige Part C – This one is near the Accumulator Ruins. Go along the left crack from the mistle. There would be a hole in the concrete, turn left from there and get this vestige from the end of the path.

Scout Vestige Parts

  • Scout Vestige Part A – You have to go to the Depths in the area of Silent White. Go east from the mistle and go up the stairs on the right and going through there and then come down the stairs after you cross a car that is half-buried. Keep going and you will reach a lantern that is on the ground and then go right. The vestige is close to a few cylinders on the ground.
  • Scout Vestige Part B – Go to the Misty Ruins and find this vestige behind a delivery truck which you will get to at the end of the south-eastern part.
  • Scout Vestige Part C – Reach Arachnid Grotto and go south from the mistle. The vestige is in the end of the path that comes up after you keep following this path even after the big cavern room.
  • Scout Vestige Part D – This one is in the Zero District close to the stairs. Go south from the mistle and then turn left to get here. This is the path that leads to the boss area.

Warrior Vestige Parts

  • Warrior Vestige Part A – This is located close to the Crypt Spire Entrance. You have to get to the ladder that comes after you go up the stairs and cross the circular room and climb that ladder up. Then go the circular platform after taking the spiral stairs and then take the stairs on the left and keep going until you get to a room with several pillars and then go north-west from here and then go up the stairs. When you get to a platform that has a level on the left and a ladder to the left go right and inside the big room and follow the path and then turn right and get this vestige underneath the wooden crates.

Hephaestus Vestiges

  • Hephaestus Vestige Part A – These ones are also present near the Crypt Spire Entrance. Read this one after you find part C because it will be easier. Get to the circular platform after you come out of the room on the east side and climb the ladder at the end. Get to the circular room that has a liver and find the vestige underneath the wooden crates in this room.
  • Hephaestus Vestige Part B – Start from the Crypt Spire Entrance and follow the same path as the warrior vestige. Just from the circular room go left and through the hallway to get to the room with the lever outside. Go inside the elevator in this room and then down a ledge. Look inside a glass cylinder that appears when you get out of this elevator to find the vestige.
  • Hephaestus Vestige Part C – The elevator you used to get down in the former part is needed to be used again go up and then turn right and go outside by turning left. Go up to a circular platform and turn left and go up the stairs. Go inside the circular room across the walkway and then get to the room with a lever and the vestige is on the right of the lever.

That is all about Vestiges that you need to know about in Code Vein. If we missed anything let us know! Have fun getting those gifts.

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