Code Vein Ruined City Center Walkthrough Guide – Park Ruins, Defeat Butterfly of Delirium

Code Vein Ruined City Center Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step through the region and will also help you defeat Butterfly of Delirium.

Code Vein Ruined City Center Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step through the region and will also help you defeat Butterfly of Delirium so you can progress with the game.

Code Vein Ruined City Center

Players will reach Ruined City Center after completing Outer Crossroads. Our Code Vein Ruined City Center Walkthrough Guide will take through the entire Area E-13 through Ruined City Center, Parking Garage and Park Ruins and will also help you defeat Butterfly of Delirium. Note that, this walkthrough only covers the main path.

Ruined City Center

Go down the narrow path right next to the destroyed car and pick up Prometheus Vestige Part A and then turn around and keep going straight and you’ll face some enemies along the way.

Then you’ll face an enemy behind the car and then more enemies just past this one. Clear the area and move forward. Keep moving forward until you reach an area with lots of cars. There are a lot of enemies here for you to face. Clear the area and move down to unlock a mistle.

Parking Garage

From the mistle, go down the ladder and you’ll encounter some enemies. Defeat them and go left where you’ll be ambushed. The enemies on the ground will attack you, so kill them one by one.

Moe forward and some enemies are patrolling. Clear the area and you have three paths but you’ll be going right and will face enemies sitting on the ground. Again, you have a choice, two paths, take the right one.

Dogs will attack you, defeat them and then at the edge of the cliff, three enemies will be hanging. Defeat them and move forward and again you have two paths. First, take the right path and follow it to unlock a shortcut and then come back.

Go straight and you’ll have to fight a dog and a large enemy. Keep moving ahead to the next area and defeat enemies.

Once the area is cleared go ahead and you’ll come to a large abyss. GO down the ladder and purify the Rotten Mistle. Travel back to Mistle in the Parking Garage and take the shortcut, you opened earlier, and go left.

Defeat the enemies you find here and then move and you’ll encounter more near the cliff. Clear the area, go upstairs, pick up Antivenom and move ahead. You’ll be at the Park Ruins where you find another Mistle, use it.

Park Ruins

Go down the ladder to your right where you’ll find. Dropdown another ladder from the statue. The road will take you to face the second boss in the game, Butterfly of Delirium. Prepare as much Antivenom as possible as you can need as much as you can use in this Code Vein boss fight.

Defeat Butterfly of Delirium

Butterfly of Delirium uses venom with its attack and that’s why you need Antivenom. In the first phase, the boss will attack you with its tail. You’ll know the attack is coming when it raises its tail. Just dodge these and attack her.

If you are close to Butterfly of Delirium, she’ll cover herself with her wings and will spead poison and you have a few seconds to back out before she uses Venom explosion. After that, the venom will stay around her for a while.

Some of your attacks will throw her off balance. When you see that she is down, unleash all of your attacks on her. If you are at a distance from, she’ll charge towards you and you just need to dodge. However, sometimes she leaves a cloud of poison behind her.

Also, when you see smoke from her tail, don’t come near her and when she leans back, she’s about to throw toxic projectiles. Just dodge her attacks and land a few hits when the opportunity presents itself.

Eventually, the boss fight will enter the second phase when her health is only 25%. In this phase, the boss unleashes new attacks at you. She can new shoot venomous projectiles that can follow you.

She can also combine this attack with a charge attack and dodging it can be difficult. She can also spread venom in the area around her and you need to avoid that area. After that, she’ll spread smoke which you can use to attack her.

If you are close to her, she’ll hide with use her wings and unleash a 3 hit combo. If you are at a distance, she’ll throw projectiles and charge you. Jut dodge and deal damage and eventually, Butterfly of Delirium will be defeated.

Finish the boss fight and a cutsces plays. After that, activate the Mistle and go down to the Cacoon. Talk to the woman and then go down the elevator. Keep moving forward until you are in a new area.

That is all for our Code Vein Ruined City Center Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to get to Butterfly of Delirium and how to defeat her.

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