Code Vein Natural Cavern Walkthrough Guide – Defeat Oliver Collins, Outer Crossroads

Code Vein Natural Cavern Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step with the game’s main path and how to defeat Oliver Collins.

Code Vein Natural Cavern

After completing the Ruined City Underground region, you’ll come to Natural Cavern. You will make your way through Natural Cavern Depths and then to Outer Crossroads while facing Oliver Collins boss fight along the way.

To the right of the Mistle is an enemy with a Rotten Mistle on his head. Defeat him and reveal a significant portion of the map. After that, return to the Mistle and go straight and there is an NPC that you can help if you want.

Climb the ladder then go straight and drop down to the place filled with enemies. Clear the area and climb up the ladder and jump down to trigger a cutscene. Go upstairs and unlock another Mistle.

Natural Cavern Depths

As you reach this area, you need to go uphill until you see a chest and then open the door then clear the area and open the door at the end of the room.

Keep going straight until you get to a door, open it and go through but be careful as there an enemy on the ceiling. Either shoot him or throw a dagger to get it down and defeat it. Go upstairs and find a Rotten Mistle, purify it and move ahead.


Defeat Oliver Collins

As you enter the Outer Crossroads you’ll face Oliver Collins who is a tutorial boss. In its first phase, Oliver Collins attacks with a hammer. While his attacks are slow and lack range, they deal a lot of damage.

He can also hit you even if you are standing behind him. Just dodge his attacks and land a few hits when the opportunity presents. When his health drops to around 60%, he’ll enter his second phase and will turn into a Lost.

During his transformation, a vortex will engulf him. You need to stay away from it otherwise, it’ll deal a lot of damage. In this phase of the Oliver Collins boss fight, he has more range and new attack moves.

One of his attacks will knock you back and will take a huge chunk of your health. You can identify this move when he raises his palms up and the hand will glow red.

He also has a combo attack that only lasts for 2-3 attacks. Keep to this strategy and use Lost Bayonet yo hit him. Since he is huge, all of the bullets will hit him. Keep doing it and Oliver Collins will be defeated.

Outer Crossroads

Once he is defeated, head to the Home Base and then go back to where you fought him and talk to Shang. There are two paths, one leading down to unlock the shortcut but you will take the other path.

Go down and move forward and eventually you’ll come to a point where you’ll find a dead soldier on a turn. You will go the other way and push ahead until you find a lantern on the left. From here, head upstairs to the Mistle and then to Ruined City Center.

That is all for our Code Vein Natural Cavern Walkthrough Guide with tips on the main path through Natural Cavern depths and Outer Crossroads and how to defeat Oliver Collins.

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