Code Vein Hellfire Knight Depths: Fiery Oblivion Walkthrough

In Code Vein, Depths: Fiery Oblivion is an area that is part of the Hellfire Knight DLC. You can enter it via the Fiery Oblivion map between the Crypt Spire and Provisional Government Outskirts. This Code Vein Hellfire Knight Depths: Fiery Oblivion Walkthrough will help you complete the area.

Code Vein Hellfire Knight Depths: Fiery Oblivion

You’ll come across the first items that you can collect immediately after stepping into the map.  There is a table on your right that has:

  • 2x Regen Inducer
  • 2x Pure Blood
  • 1x Plasma Cartridge
  • 1x Fireproof Tonic

Go forward and purify the Rotten Mistle before proceeding to the altar on your right. You can change the difficulty of the game by interacting with it, as well as activate the Horror Hunting Trials.  The path diverges here and you can choose to go either left or straight.

Go Left
As you proceed deeper into Fiery Oblivion, you will encounter a bunch of foes and collectible items. First, you will have to take down a female Spiked Lost. After this, head up the ramp and collect the Old-World Materials.

Once you head back down, you will have to fight a Bayonet-wielding Knight Lost, Elite Knight Lost, Horned Lost and 3 Female Spiked Lost before you can proceed to the ramp on the right.

That ramp has an Achilles Core Fragment C so collect it and go back to purify the rotten Mistle.

Explore the cave to your right and you will end up battling some Sand Blobs. Take then down and purify the rotten Mistle before collecting the Rv Mastery (124). Once you’ve got it, you should head back outside and up the ramp in the center.

You will then encounter Argent Shield-wielding Knight and an Elite Knight Lost. Take them down and then make your way through the opening on the right at the top of the ramp.  You can collect a Queen Tungsten and a rotten Mistle from here before proceeding forward.

Abyssal Doppelganger
This fight isn’t too tricky but the Abyssal Doppelganger is able to switch between its Mage and Melee forms.

During the Mage form, it will gather Ichor and cast 4 projectiles towards you. These deal high damage so avoid them and wait until they expire.

It will also gather Ichor and perform a cone-shaped projectile attack that you should evade from either side. After evading, deal Stun damage and attack with a fast weapon.

Go Straight
You will immediately encounter 5 Mutated Lost and one Horned Lost if you go straight into Fiery Oblivion. Once you’ve dealt with them, go through the opening to your right and then the floor will break.

You can then collect an Achilles Core Fragment and will have to battle 3 Mutated Lost, 2 Assassin Lost and a Stone-Crusher Lost before departing on the ramp to the left side of the cave.

After proceeding forward, you will have to battle a couple of Female Spiked Lost,  an Elite Knight Lost and one Argent Hammer-wielding Knight. Collect and purify the rotten Mistle hidden between the rocks on the left in order to map the area. You will then encounter another boss:

Blazing Heretic
The Blazing Heretic boss fight happens in an area filled with lava and rocks. Needless to say: you should avoid the lava. The boss will do a spinning attack in the air with its sword that you should watch out for, along with the sword charge attack.

It also has a Combo attack that consists of two or three hits. You should dodge once or twice in order to successfully evade them. Plus it creates a barrage of fire around it that you should stay away from.

Winning this fight will grant you the Asclepius Vestige Part A. Combining this with part B will allow you to open the door and lead you to your next fight against the Hellfire Knight.