Code Vein Hellfire Knight Boss Guide

Hellfire Knight, the first major DLC for Code Vein is finally out. One of the enemies in the DLC is called Hellfire Knight and in this Code Vein Hellfire Knight Boss guide, we will show you how to fight it.

Hellfire Knight DLC brought many new items, new weapons and some new enemies for you to face off. Bosses are special enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities.

In this guide, we will tell you how to defeat the Hellfire Knight Boss.

Code Vein Hellfire Knight Boss

The Hellfire Knight boss, the main boss of the DLC, can be found in the Depths: Fiery Oblivion area.

To access this area, you need to own the Hellfire Knight DLC. You will require the Map: Fiery Oblivion which can be found in the hallway between the Crypt Spire and Provisional Government Outskirts.

After you enter the map, keep going until you reach the area where the Mistle is located. There will be an altar to your right. You Head right from the Mistle and open the door to fight the boss.

The following items are recommended for the fight against the Hellfire Knight

  • Plasma Cartridge
  • Fireproof Tonic

How to defeat the Hellfire Knight Boss
The strategy for this fight is to move in and bait his swipe combo. Roll and dodge this combo and attack once(if you have dual-wielded weapon) or twice and then roll into him when he swipes his tail at you.

This will bring you in close proximity to him. Attack until he jumps away and then repeat this process. If he ever rears up, dodge through him and attack.

If he jumps into the air, dodge it at the last second and use an attack skill or spell here. You will have a very short time before he gets up. If he casts fire under you, move directly left or right, not forward or backward as you may come in contact from the fire here and watch for the jump attack.

It can be hard to see through the fire but be prepared to dodge immediately if you see any motion from him.

When he gets to half health he’ll rear up and do an AoE (Area of effect attack). Get away from it and make sure you’re not standing in a fire puddle. Then move in and repeat the strategy from Phase 1, watching for the same AoE he just did when he gets to about 30% and 10% HP.

Hellfire Knight boss will have three new attacks in Phase 2. He will cast a fire puddle on the ground that follows you.

Be sure to dodge it and watch the jump slam attack after he casts it as it usually follows immediately. Just move away from him and run out the 10 seconds or so this puddle lasts.

He will then rear up and pull out two swords and move fast forward very quickly. Dodge into him and hug his right leg for some easy damage and a good opportunity to heal.

Third, Hellfire Knight will do a lunge attack at you after some intervals if you are far from him that slides him in a straight line towards you.

It’s easy to read once you’ve seen it once or twice. Just dodge out of the way left or right and then attack him after.

Hellfire Knight Tips

  • Stamina management is key to this winning this fight. Especially while playing as a Melee, do not go all-in with your attacks at once.
  • Make sure to use Lightning if you’re a spell caster, as it seems to do the most damage to him.

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