Civilization 6: Rise and Fall Guide – How to Increase Loyalty And Era Score, Golden Age (Tips and Tricks)

Civilization 6: Rise and Fall Guide will help you differentiate among Dark Age, Heroic Age, and Dark Age. Our guide will tell you about Loyalty System and how to progress to the Golden Age.

This Civilization 6: Rise and Fall Guide will tell you about four major aspects of the new expansion. Alliances and how to form them will be mentioned in detail along with how to increase your Era Score. Lastly, we will mention how you can get the Dark Ages and the Golden Ages along with what they are used for during the game.

Civilization 6: Rise and Fall Guide

The Era Score is a brand-new mechanic which has a direct impact on your ages. Four different ages are used for the campaign and they change according to your Era Score. The four ages are Dark, Normal, Golden, and Heroic.

You can view your Era Score at the bottom-right of your screen and it will increase as you do more accomplishments in the game. You need to do certain tasks to increase your Era Score such as build wonders, push out barbarians from your territory, connect with new Civilizations, establish districts, recruit worthy people, and establish new governments.

Now let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the ages along with the Alliances that are in the new expansion.

Era Score and Ages

The first thing that you need to do is to understand your Alliances. Some of the Alliances that come with the new expansion are Cultural Alliance, Research Alliance, Economic Alliances, and Military Alliance.

These Alliances will give you different bonuses which will be somewhat like their name suggests. An example of this is the Research Alliance providing you more science from your trade routes.

You will also be able to increase the strength of your Alliances and the bonuses increase the longer you have an alliance with another Civilization. You can have Alliances with different Civilizations but you cannot have 2 Alliances of the same type.

In order to form Civilizations, the process is pretty much the same as in the vanilla game. Enter the Diplomacy Screen with a Civilization that is your declared friend. Click the form Alliance Button and then propose a certain type of Alliance to them.

This will take you to the deal screen where you can make your offer and negotiate with them to see what works for both of the parties. You can renew your alliance from the same screen.

The Dark Age and the Heroic Age

You enter the Dark Ages if your Era Score is below a certain amount when the Era ends. If your Civilization enters the Dark Ages, the Loyalties of your cities will fall faster and will declare independence if you do not pay attention. There will also be government policies which will have both positive and negative effects on certain areas.

You can check out our Loyalty Guide for more help on understanding this mechanic.

The Dark Age lowers the threshold in the following Era so you can easily get out of it when the Era ends. If you manage to get to the Golden Age when you are in the Dark Age, then you will trigger the Heroic Age which is by far the best. The Heroic Age will give you extra Loyalty Bonuses and you will be able to get 3 different dedication bonuses.

The Golden Age

The Golden Age is one of the most lucrative ages that you can be in. You enter the Golden Age if you have a certain Era Score at the end of the Era.

The Golden Age will increase the Loyalty Bonus of all of your cities and will allow you to choose a certain dedication bonus when the Era starts. The Golden Age can be a little easier to get into if you are in the Dark Age, as it will decrease the Era Score required to advance to the subsequent age.

That is all we have for our Civilization 6: Rise and Fall Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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