Cities Skylines Health and Safety Guide – Health Services, Safety Services, Deathcare Services

Health and Safety are major parts of any city, and in Cities Skylines there is no exception to this rule.

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Cities Skylines Health and Safety

One of the most challenging aspects of the game is to keep your services up and efficient for your citizens, and for that you’ll need a combination of good knowledge and traffic management.

Cities Skylines Health Services

Medical Clinics

Medical Clinics are the most basic type of Healthcare service building in Cities Skylines. These are basically tiny clinics that have a limited range of service. They will often send out ambulances to areas where there are sick citizens.

Initially, having a couple of clinics in a small district should be adequate enough. However, High Density residential areas often seem to suffer from health issues more than low residential ones, which is why you should consider building more clinics and even a hospital in such regions.

Hospitals are the bigger version of Medical Clinics. Unlike the medical clinics, a single hospital is adequate enough to serve a medium sized districts. Later on, you should build additional hospitals once your city gets bigger.

The reason for this is that ambulances often end up causing the highest amount of traffic jams after industrial trucks. Inter-city traffic jams are problematic, especially when it comes to commercial zones which are badly affected due to low import of goods.

For this reason, make sure that the hospital ambulances have easy access to the city. If your city has an outer parameter road (which it should), then try attaching hospitals near them for your ambulances to get around easily.

Deathcare Services

Unfortunately, in Cities Skylines death-care works very similar to garbage. Yes, you read that correctly. The dead are treated like trash (literally) in the city building game, with the only exception being that instead of garbage trucks, hearses will come to pick up the dead.

Cemeteries hence are analogous to Landfills in the game, and like them will fill up once there are enough dead buried. However, unlike Landfills, building a cemetery near your residential area will not cause pollution or upset citizens. In fact, it is more preferable for them if there is a local cemetery nearby.

Similar to incinerators for garbage, Crematoriums will burn the dead. The only exception is that crematoriums will not burn dead people to produce electricity.

Crematoriums are an excellent replacement for cemeteries as they take up much less space (very small building), and also have no real limit. However, they will have a fewer amount of hearses to send out.

Much like cemeteries, and unlike incinerators, crematoriums will not cause illness or unhappiness amongst residences near them, so it is usually advisable to build them within the city.

Safety Services

Safety services include two main categories: fire safety, and residential safety. The former is self-explanatory, while the latter involves domestic crimes and security.

Fire Depot
The most basic type of fire-fighting service building is the fire depot. These are small depots that will dispatch firetrucks to areas nearby. Unfortunately, they don’t have much coverage, so initially you will need to be building a lot of these.

It is important to note that Fire Depots shouldn’t only be built in residential areas. In fact, industrial and commercial zones have a higher probability of fire hazards, which is why you should have at least twice as many fire depots or stations in industrial/commercial zones.

Fire Station
The big brother of the fire depot, Fire Stations have a much larger coverage area and more firetrucks available. For this reason, at the later stages of the game you should convert your Fire Depots into fire stations.

Like Fire Depots, you want separate fire stations for your residential zones and your industrial/commercial zones.

Police Department
The police department is the younger brother of the police station, and will attempt to maintain law and order. Initially one police station will be enough to guarantee that there are no crimes. Later on, you will need to build a Police Station.

Note that like fire, crime can also occur in commercial/industrial buildings, so having a depot there helps as well.

Police Station
The Police Station is the bigger brother of the Police Department, and will take care of your entire district. Having one police station is adequate enough in Cities Skylines, as long as you are doing everything else to make sure your citizens are happy.

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