Cities Skylines 2 Oil Industry Guide

Get access to Oil, a non-renewable source, and use it for industries, export, and much more.

Oil is non-renewable and one of the main resources that you can find in Cities Skylines 2. It’s important because you can use it in many industries and exports to make good money. On top of that, it’s easy to spot its location and build an industry surrounding it. Here is everything that you need to know about Oil and its uses.

How to get Oil in Cities Skylines 2

Before building the oil industry, you must search for the right spot on the map. The spots which are dark brown or black are the ones with oil present. These can be anywhere on the map, so ensure you have enough credits to buy a few tiles if needed.

After finding the land, go to the menu and buy an oil extractor from the Specialized Industry panel and place it near the inky spot. Oil extractors work like a pump and cover the area in a radius where the oil needs to be extracted.

Make sure the spot you choose is far from the residential area, as specialized industries generate a lot of noise and air pollution in Cities Skylines 2. It’s better to plan it during the beginning so you don’t sacrifice one or the other.

Once placed, you’ll notice a circle around the machinery. This indicates the extent to which the extraction is possible. Map out the area as much as possible to have the highest output. However, if the oil area is large, you may need more than one extractor to cover it.

Use the Assign Area option to cover the area that would be highlighted. Once done, make sure to connect it to the city via roads. That is how you can extract Oil.


Uses of Oil in Cities Skylines 2

Once the machine is working and extracting oil, you can transport it back to the industrialized area to be converted into different items. Oil can turn into three materials: Oil, Petroleum, and Plastic, which are highly valuable for other industries. Here’s a list of industries they can be used in.

  • Household Plastic factory: Petroleum, Plastic
  • Petroleum refinery: Petroleum, Plastic
  • Soft paper factory: Petroleum, Plastic
  • Sneaker factory: Petroleum, Plastic
  • Toy factory: Plastic
  • Printing press: Plastic
  • Electronics factory: Plastic
  • Clothing factory: Plastic
  • Car factory: Plastic
  • Food factory: Plastic
  • Modular house factory: Plastic
  • Shipyard: Plastic

How to export Oil

The extracted oil can be exported and, in return, generate a hefty profit for the city, which makes these sites valuable. You can use trucks to take the oil to different cargo points from where ships or trains can export it.

To establish this connection, ensure you have the cargo points near enough. This makes transportation easy and fast. Even though the oil export is helpful and profitable, the influx of vehicles used can sometimes make it messy. A good solution for this issue is a Pipeline system, but Cities Skylines 2 hasn’t had it till now.

How to fix the Empty Oil Refinery problem

Sometimes, players place the oil refinery, but it doesn’t work. Here are a few things you should note, and undoubtedly, one of these will solve your problem.

  • Check whether the extractor is placed near or slightly over the black-inked oil spot.
  • Make sure the refinery is near the fertile land. The oil industry needs groundwater to work, which makes fertile land necessary.
  • The refinery should be accessible. Roads should be connected to it from the city and industry area.
  • Move it if, even after being accessible, it is not working. The new spot can be a random one, and it has nothing to do with mechanics, but moving the plant’s location helps.

As oil is a non-renewable resource in Cities Skylines 2, the oil-filled areas can sooner or later be sucked dry. If the use is much more than the oil industry is giving, then you need to find a way to solve this. In the previous game, there was a cheat that allowed players to get access to unlimited oil.

This helped a lot as a constant assurance of one material being present took off the weight of import.

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