How To Use Oil Pot In Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 has all sorts of medieval weapons to use against enemies but none like the oil pot that could...

Chivalry 2 has all sorts of medieval weapons to use against enemies but none like the oil pot that could well be a weapon of mass destruction.

The oil pot is a throwable item just like a grenade but with twice the destruction. It spreads burning oil in a large radius where all enemies foolish enough to cross are burned to a cinder. You can potentially take down a whole group of enemies just by lobbying an oil pot at them.

The following guide will tell you how to use the oil pot in Chivalry 2.

How to Use and Throw Oil Pots in Chivalry 2

In order to use the Oil Pot, you need to be a Crusader or a Devastator subclass in Chivalry 2. They are subclasses of the Knight and Vanguard respectively. The Knight in particular can use the oil pot as a starting ability as long as you have unlocked its Crusader subclass.

The Oil Pot is an ability that can be used once it is charged like any other ability. By fighting, healing, and treating teammates in battle, you can change your ability meter, and once full, you can use it. The Oil Pot is equipped in one hand leaving the other hand open for any secondary weapon. First, you must equip the oil pot by either pressing down on the Down Arrow of a controller or the 4 key on a keyboard.

chivalry 2 oil pot

Next, you can throw the Oil Pot just like you lob a grenade by pressing both shoulder bumpers on a controller (L1+R1 for Dual Shock or LB+RB for Xbox) or the G key on a keyboard. The distance of the throw is not far so be reasonable with your throw. The Oil Pot is a fairly useful ability to use against armored classes like Knights and Vanguards as It ignores armor and does massive fire damage in an area.

The Oil Pot can be used both offensively and defensively. For offense, it can be used to take down a group of enemies coming together. In defense, it can be used to hold back enemy lines or even hold back enemies from reaching certain objectives. Players have had issues in the past with using the Oil Pot as it does not seem to load on one hand. It was a loading issue, which was resolved in the update. If you still face a similar issue (on the controller) then check if your controller’s shoulder bumpers are working individually or not.

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