Chivalry 2 Footman Class Guide

Footman is amongst the four classes in Chivalry 2. While it may not look like it on the battlefield due to all the gore and bloodshed, there are roles with purposes beyond impaling your enemies. Footman is the support class of Chivalry 2, and in this guide, we will cover its subclasses, best weapons, and some essential tips.

Chivalry 2 Footman Class

The main job of Footman Class in Chivalry 2 is to keep the rest of the team alive and healthy. It performs its duties through heals and ranged defense. Since The Footman is a middle-of-the-road class with a max health of 150, a movement speed of 100, and 80 stamina, it has moderate stats making it a great starting point for anyone confused about which class to pick.

The Footman has moderate speed and health. He’s not as fast or strong as Vanguard or the Knight, but he still has the best support abilities out of all the other classes. However, the game gets trickier and challenging as you progress; therefore, Footman’s capabilities might not always protect the team members.

Footman Subclasses

There are a total of three subclasses of The Footman. The footman subclasses are equipped with bandage kits as special abilities; this is used to heal and revive other players.

The signature ability of The Footman includes Sprint Charge, which allows him to deal with a high amount of damage while sprinting towards the enemy. This effect is similar to that of Vanguard’s Leaping Strike. Still, it is comparatively not as risky as it helps the Footman land easily and doesn’t leave him as vulnerable afterward.

Field Engineer

If placing traps and barricades is your favorite activity to do, then this is the subclass for you. The field engineer in Chivalry 2 is amongst the best subclasses because he can heal himself for 25% HP while also recovering a team member.

These engineers can place walls and spike traps. However, this subclass has a limited number of weapon choices, and none of them are as impactful. So that means that even though these engineers can slow down the advance of their opponents, they will only have a sledgehammer at their disposal. So in case, you lose your only weapon, you will be facing your death.

This is one drawback, but other than that, this subclass is one of the best support classes in the game, though the kill count might not be as high. These engineers work behind the scenes to help their team and take down breakable objects twice as fast.

Man at Arms

You can expect this class to be similar to the Guardian, except for its smaller shield and weak weapons. The Man at Arms in Chivalry 2 is fast and has a lesser dash cooldown making it perfect for the players who prefer speed.

It is the fastest of all the Footman as it uses one-handed weapons that allow him to make quick hits and dodge simultaneously. This subclass uses a mace or sword along with a shield.


Moving on to the third subclass of The Footman we have the Poleman in Chivalry 2, the subclass with the best melee range, all thanks to its weapons. If you prefer to keep your distance from your enemies, then this is the subclass for you.

This subclass uses two-handed weapons with a long reach, and they have the ability to tackle their enemies.  They can inflict a good amount of damage with their sprint attack while also tackling enemies.

One unique capability of Poleman includes the fact that he can build spike traps to hurt his unsuspecting enemies.

If you want to give your team a bonus, you can spread spike traps on the ground so that their Sprint Charge can be given an extra bonus of 25%.

Best Footman Weapons

As discussed earlier, the Footman subclass is all about agility and speed. Their weapon selection makes them fast-paced in close-quarters combat. The only drawback that this class suffers is its lack of damage in some of its primary weapons. Though fast and agile, the Footman still needs to protect himself while he is on the battleground.

One-Handed Spear

The one-handed spears, including the Lead Spear and the Short Spear, are arguably the best weapons for Footmen. The reach and speed of this weapon make it one of the best choices for you as a Footman. Moreover, it has the potential to cause an immense amount of damage to the opponents. The best thing about this weapon is its ease of carrying it around on the battlefield.

A one-handed spear is preferred over the regular spear because the normal spear is relatively very long and cumbersome. On the contrary, you can also carry a shield with a one-handed spear making it a great option.

The best way to make perfect use of a one-handed spear is by dancing around foes and poking them whenever you get the chance. Make sure to protect yourself with your shield simultaneously.

Lastly, repeating the same thrusting movement is the most efficient and impactful way to deal with enemies while being in this class.


Halberd, including the Bardiche and Bilhook, are also one of the best weapons for the Footman subclass. The Halberd is a gigantic axe with a sharp tip, this axe has three variants in the game.

These variants are singlehandedly the most powerful middle-range melee weapons available in the game.

The Bardiche, on the other hand, is another long-handled axe in the game. The Billhook has a bent end to damage the flesh, and the Halberd is a mix of spear tip and axe head on a two-handed shaft.


The Glaive as well as the War Scythe is an elegant weapon with one advantage over the spear; it can be used to thrust and jab the opponent. This weapon performs amazingly when it hits enemies at its entire range.

The sharp part of this weapon can inflict a great deal of damage than the shaft area of the blade.

The only disadvantage that comes with this weapon is its colossal size. As a result, you might end up accidentally killing an unsuspecting teammate. Moreover, you will also have to dance around while fighting rather than just jumping in.


The spear, including Earspoon and the Partisan, is the most extended melee weapon available to the Footmen. They have little armor and health; therefore, such heavy and massive weapons are essential for this subclass.

The spear helps you accomplish all of your goals in one go. It has two versions; the standard version and the one-handed spear, the latter one is slightly faster.


The Sledgehammer and the Blacksmith’s sledge, are the ultimate close-quarter weapons available to this subclass. This weapon is deadlier as compared to a sword, and it has a better range than the Morning star.

This weapon serves perfectly against each type of enemy due to its massive damage. However, this weapon has one drawback, and that is its low range.


The sword, including the Arming Sword and the Broadsword, are easy-to-use weapons with moderate stats. Both these swords cause a decent amount of damage when used to thrust or jab the opponent.

The Broadsword is a more powerful sword as compared to the Arming Sword. Though moderately impactful, it is still less effective when it comes to armored players like Knights.


The Polehammer, including the Double-Sided Hammer and the Lucerne, are long-reaching weapons that deal with significant damage. The only major drawback is its time-consuming swing.

Morning Star

The Brutal Morning Star and the Morning Star are short maces with spiked heads. These are blunt damage weapons that can break apart the armor of the enemies.

The drawback of this weapon is its low range, as it is even smaller than a pickaxe. Footman can only use this weapon to knock out an enemy by hitting him in the skull, for which he will have to get extremely close to the enemy.


The Pickaxe and the Mattock are decent melee weapons with significant damage that allows them to take down armored enemies effectively. However, this weapon lacks range which is one of its drawbacks.

In addition, this weapon is not recommended because it requires quick movements and impulsive reactions to combat. A little practice, however, will help you make the best use out of this weapon.


The last weapon on the list, Shovel or the Pointed Digger is a weapon available for footmen which can be used to inflict jabbing and piercing attacks. Unfortunately, this weapon is one of the worst options for the Footmen because it deals with small damage and has a slight reach. Nevertheless, a medieval soldier has nothing to do with a farmer’s shovel on a battlefield, so this shouldn’t be an option.

Combat Tips for Footman

Now that we’ve gone through the best weapons for The Footman let’s discuss some essential tips to help you on the battlefield.


Healing is essential on the battleground, but it can be tricky as well. Everyone in Chivalry 2 will come with a single bandage that will help them heal slowly once activated. The Footman, however, can offer additional healing to the injured comrades and allies. Additionally, the bandage kit can be tossed to the allies, offering them healing if they’ve already used their own bandage.

This is fantastic for your team on the battleground as respawning can take a player out for a good minute, so make sure that you toss this kit as soon as you see a green cross appear over your teammate’s head.

It is important to note that if your teammate gets injured while the healing process is underway, the recovery will be interrupted. Healing can be life-saving during a fight. The bandage kit cooldown time is lessened when you are healing or picking up your allies, so in case you spot a drowning comrade, get them up safely.

You may also use your polearm to try and push the enemies back before they can launch a fatal attack.

Keep Your Enemies Away

The first subclass available in The Footman is Poleman. This class is focused on using the longest weapon that you own, that is, the Halberd. Use this weapon to keep your enemies such as the Knights and Vanguards away so that they won’t be able to strike at the edge of your range.

You can use this same strategy to help your team out by keeping one side at bay and then wait for your team to start up a fight from their side.

You can also use this strategy to make thrust attacks between your allies to deliver damage while staying safe from their counterattacks.

Don’t be Afraid to Run

Knights and Vanguards can be deadly when it comes to DPS. As a Footman, you are the essential support, and when the fight is lost, you will have no option but to run. A footman performs the best when his team is around, but if you are outnumbered and left alone, the best thing to do is to run.

Your damage is not that great either, therefore, you will quickly get mowed down. Of course, you shouldn’t leave your teammates alone, but when the need arises, running will be the wiser choice.

Frontline First Aid

The Footman is not just an ordinary medic like the others, you have a big weapon and also a bit of armor which you get to use. Run in a straight line for long enough until you activate your charge ability.

Then, when you see a fight off in the distance, run and join your team in the front of the pack leading the way weapon first. Once you are into the action, make sure to keep track of your teammates and then drop behind the knights and vanguards to enhance the advantage of your reach.

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