How to Counter in Chivalry 2

In this Chivalry 2 guide, we’ll look into how players can effectively execute counter-attacks and eliminate enemies.

Filled with bloodshed, violence, and gore, Chivalry 2 is all about polishing your combat skills and succeeding in the game against various enemies. This jam-packed action game can be intimidating, and figuring out the right combat strategy can be challenging. In this Chivalry 2 guide, we’ll look into how players can effectively execute counter-attacks and eliminate enemies. Let’s begin.

What is Counter in Chivalry 2?

Set in the medieval era, Chivalry 2 is filled with various scenarios where players will have to clash their weapons against multiple enemies and protect themselves to progress in the game.

Although there are different combat techniques such as parry and riposte, this guide specifically will look into executing counter-attacks against enemies and why it is actually beneficial.

For players who may not be familiar with counter-attacks, as the name suggests, these are attacks made once there’s an incoming attack from the enemy’s end. Counters are useful as they block an enemy’s attack and in turn deal them damage.

This is ideal as not only are you avoiding the damage coming your way; you’re rapidly producing damage for the enemy to take. It gives a significant advantage during the battle by not taking any damage and simultaneously draining the opponent’s health.

How to Perform a Counter

Now that we’re clear on what a counter-attack is, how does one actually execute it while playing Chivarly 2? With a few simple steps, you will be able to counter attacks easily.


To perform a counter-attack in Chivalry 2, players must match the enemy’s strike type while blocking themselves from their attacks.

If your enemy is advancing toward you with a slash, you must also follow up with a Slash of your own. However, to execute a perfect counter you must match the attack style and hit the enemy before they hit you.. Therefore, you must observe carefully whatever strategy the enemy is producing.

To get better at performing counter in Chivarly 2, we recommend players to participate in as many 1 vs. 1 fights to really understand what each attack looks like. This will allow you to learn patterns and animation that are made before an attack. This will help you in the future when you are present on the battlefield.

And there you have it, folks! Performing counters in Chivalry 2 is not as complicated; with some practice and accurate timing, you can execute it perfectly and be the ultimate counter master!

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