Chivalry 2 Cavalry Tips

Cavalry is a hot topic when discussing Chivalry 2. Horses have been teased in the game trailer and game images,...

Cavalry is a hot topic when discussing Chivalry 2. Horses have been teased in the game trailer and game images, so their inclusion in Chivalry 2 should come as no surprise. This guide will give you general Cavalry tips for Chivalry 2.

Chivalry 2 Cavalry Tips

After a lot of teasing since 2019, the horse riding feature was released in the new Tenosian Invasion playlist for Chivalry 2. So, if you’re desiring a Cavalry, make sure you’re playing in the new Tenosian Invasion playlist. In the game, you’ll see a random pop-up in the top right corner; press the button to respawn on a horse as a Cavalry.

The public opinion of Cavalry is not positive, but we, on the other hand, are looking at the silver lining and are excited about the newly added feature.

The majority of people believe that the Cavalry feature will create an imbalance in the game. In fact, it will include some exciting new features and options that will add to the fun. Since there will be more options in the game, players will need to develop new tactics and strategies to stay on top.

Horses are undeniably powerful and capable, but that does not mean they will be overpowered and cause an imbalance. If the game developers have brought them in, they’ll surely have added some counter unit or weapon to tackle with them.

Archers and spears, in general, have an advantage against Cavalry. It’s because they don’t allow the horse to approach you and deal damage from a safe distance. This will add to the diversity of the game while maintaining balance.

It is also worth noting that the Cavalry, no matter how powerful, cannot and should not be used everywhere. There will be places where taking your horse will prove fatal.

Bringing a horse into a castle, for example, will limit your mobility and make you an easy target. On the other hand, if you’re out in the open, you can use your Horse to run around and wreak havoc on your opponents.

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