Chivalry 2 Best Classes Guide

This article covers all the details about each class, their weapons, and subclasses. The four classes in Chivalry 2 are Knight, Vanguard, Footman, and Archer. Each of these four classes is further divided into three subclasses. In this Chivalry 2 Best Classes Guide, we’ll be discussing all the classes in terms of their abilities, weapons, and attacks. Archer is the most agile and least armored class, while Knight is the most armored and least agile class.

Chivalry 2 Best Classes

There are three types of weapons in Chivalry 2: cut, sharp, and blunt. Depending on which class you picked, your weapon options might be limited.

The cut weapons are faster and give more balance while hitting the enemies, while the other two carry some trade-offs. The cut-type weapons can be slower and the blunt-type weapons are less penetrating.

Also, blunt-type weapons sometimes don’t allow you to hit multiple enemies at the same time. Each of the classes in Chivalry 2 will have access to all types of weapons, so you can use any of them. Now, let’s get into the details of these classes.

Archer Class

The first class of the game is archer. This class is the most polarizing of all four classes. The longbowman has access to a bow, the crossbowman has access to a crossbow, and a skirmisher has access to either throwing javelins or the throwing axes.

The best weapon here to use is a bow, as it allows one to hit the enemies from a distance keeping the archer safe. Keep in mind that your accuracy and stamina will be destroyed if you hold the arrow for too long, so release it quickly. Brazier allows you to set your arrows to fire and hit the enemies, thus causing more damage. The secondary weapons like knives and cudgels allow you to hit the enemies faster. Other secondary weapons like short swords and hatchet man can help you improve your defense against the enemies.

Here crossbow helps you inflict more damage to the enemies as compared to a bow. Also, a crossbowman can use a shield to stop the attacks coming from enemies while he is attacking. One can also make use of a banner that allows his allies to heal while staying away from the enemies.

Here Javelins can be helpful; as they help your allies finish the opponents while you distract them with the Javelin attacks. Javelins offer a good range and cause a lot of damage as well. On the other hand, throwing axes are faster and hits the enemies more effectively as well. Knives and falchions can also be damaging with some speedy attacks on the enemy.


Vanguard has the most stamina than other classes, so it offers more vigorous fights.

The first subclass is devastator. This subclass aims to inflict the most pain with the biggest of weapons in the game. Battleaxe is a top choice, as it allows you to kill enemies over a larger radius and hits the enemies quicker due to its bigger size.

Maul can also be damaging as it can kill the enemies in one shot. The throwing Mallets can be helpful as you can throw them towards the enemy from a distance, thus keeping you safe while attacking the enemy. Oil pot is also one of the important weapons in devastator, as it allows you to set the part of the battlefield to fire.

The second subclass raider offers you to make use of two primary weapons, which allows you to take down fleeing enemies. The weapons available to a raider are the messer, Dane axe, glaive, and two-handed hammer. Dane axe offers less damage but allows you to kill enemies over a large range.

Next weapon, the messer is a well-known weapon with more reach and high damage against all the opponent types.

A two-handed hammer can be helpful against single targets, especially during team fights. Due to its speed, glaive harasses the enemy constantly and is effective.

The secondary weapons knife and trumpet are also a good option. The trumpet is a rechargeable item and is a powerful healing source. Charging trumpet restores your health.

The last subclass is ambusher. Unlike its brethren, which prefer to carry two-handed weapons in the battle, it carries two sets of secondary weapons. Players need to play smart by mixing the primary and secondary weapons to cause more damage. Also, make sure to attack the enemies while staying behind them.

Quiver is also a good weapon that can be charged without an ammo box. A dagger is effective at stabbing, while a short sword helps you kill the enemies faster.


The first subclass of Footman is Poleman. Poleman also offers a variety of weapons of different types.

The first weapon to use is Halberd. This weapon offers everything you need, good range, speed, balance, and inflicts decent damage.

The next weapon is a polehammer. Polehammer is a blunt weapon and has a ridiculous amount of damage at a larger range.

Spear is also a good choice, as you can swing it at different angles. This weapon allows you to attack enemies from a distance, thus improving your defense against the enemies. A bandage kit is a rechargeable secondary weapon that players can launch towards the enemies multiple times.

Man at Arms
The second subclass is Man at Arms. He mostly carries single-handed weapons during the battle. This class also offers a shield to protect you. Sword, morning star, Falchion, and the One-handed spear are the weapons to use. Sword is a well-rounded weapon that hits the enemy hard.

Falchion is a weapon with decent range and helps you cut down enemies more easily.

A one-handed spear isn’t a fast-moving weapon but causes a great deal of damage to the enemies.

The secondary weapons are knife, axe, mace, etc. An axe is a damaging weapon with a high range. On the other hand, a short sword is a lot quicker than an axe, thus causing more damage. Mace is more aggressive and offers a ‘heavier’ alternative.

Field Engineer
A field engineer has a shovel, pickaxe, and sledgehammer. A sledgehammer offers less range but is a heavier weapon, so it can inflict more damage to the enemy. However, shovel offers everything with good range and more damage.

Lastly, a pickaxe offers a good amount of damage, but it can be less accurate than a shovel. The secondary weapons include a bear trap and a spike trap. Players should prefer a bear trap, as it can help them bring shields for the team.

Knight Class

Knight has three sub-classes; Office, Guardian and Crusader.

The first subclass is the officer that carries heavy weapons including longsword, war axe, poleaxe, and heavy mace to the battle. Longsword is a shorter version of a great sword, so offers a great amount of damage.

War axe with great swings stabs and overheads make it a good weapon.

Heavy mace is a big blunt-type weapon, thus causes heavy damage to the enemy. Poleaxe with a good range and a stab is also a good choice.

The secondary weapons include a knife, an axe, and a mace. They act as backup weapons for the players. The officer also has a trumpet to keep his allies in a frame. They can also use sprint to tackle the enemies.

Guardian is a really special class that turns the game around. Warhammer is the first choice with weapons. It is powerful and hits strong blows towards the enemies. Players can pick their targets and hit them quickly.

Axe is a well-rounded weapon but is more effective against the lighter classes.

One-handed spear allows you to harass your targets at range and interrupt their attacks then it is highly recommended. Guardian keeping its defensive theme offers a banner for the shield against enemies while players are healing.

This subclass is a powerful foe. The weapons to use are a two-handed hammer, a battle-axe, and the executioner’s axe. Axes offer high damaging attacks; while the messer also helps you hit the enemies quickly.

This subclass also has an oil pot that you can drop and set the battlefield to fire.

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