Character Appearance in Fallout 76 Can Be Changed At Any Time

The charachters in Fallout 76 can be changed the way they look after starting the game and even during gametime for the first time in the series.

The build-up to Fallout 76 has shown that this title is going to be nothing like ever before in the franchise. There are several features in Fallout 76 that were not available in the series before. Another addition is the option to change the character appearance at any time.

RPG players seldom face the time when hours of creating their character turn out a disaster. The cruelest part is when you can’t even change the look and have to carry on playing with that hideous character. But Fallout 76 is giving its player the best option in character customization one could ask for. Players can even start the game and change the appearance of their character later.

This reveal came out through another one of those tweets by Pete Hines. One user on twitter hit Hines with the idea of adding the “thing” where fighting grows on the character. According to this guy, Fallout 76 could feature players with beards or scars as they progress in the game. Pete Hines in reply to this fan tweeted:

“Well just add the scars/beard yourself as you play? You can change your characters appearance at any time in the main menu”

On top of that, Fallout 76 also has a photo mode where you can make your own badge. This badge is how your character gets shown to other players. So, the personality, looks and of course, filters can all get added in the photo mode. This will allow players to show the best version of their characters in their badges. A Youtube video shows the similar playing around that we’re talking about.

Fallout 76 has been the first installment in the series to introduce this many changes. For instance, the bottle caps are no longer the currency which has part of Fallout games for so long. The wanted players in Fallout 76 would also get a debuff penalty. This and so many other features will make it an ultimate online survivor game.

The full game will be out on Xbox One, PS4, and PC from November 14. The Fallout 76 beta release dates will start later this month.

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