CD Projekt Red Designers Reveal Most Difficult Missions to Design In Witcher 3

CD Projekt Red designers has revealed the the most difficult missions to design in Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt. Spoiler warning!

CD Projekt Red designers have revealed the most difficult missions to design in Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt. As you know everything that follows in this article include spoilers, so we recommend that you do not continue reading if you have not finished Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt.

Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, designer at CD Projekt Red, responded to a fan in their official forum that from a technical perspective Battle of Kaer Morhen was most difficult to design.

Pawel Sasko, who is also a designer at CD Projekt Red, agreed with him and said that in his eleven-year career as a mission designer he never faced such technical challenges as he faced in Battle of Kaer Morhen. He further added that from the first sketches we knew it was going to be a huge and complicated task, and it turned out to be much worse than expected!

According to the designer, the mission includes multiple variants depending on player choices in a lot of previous secondary quests. The player can be supported by total of 16 characters, and all of them have their own scenes and sequences, including some related to specific combinations like Roche, Ves and Letho.

All of the cut scenes and situations were a reward for the players for their choices in previous quests. Furthermore, both CD Projekt Red designers agreed that another most difficult mission to design was The Bloody Baron; one of the most memorable and interesting story in the entire adventure game, this mission also touched some adult themes too.

Witcher 3 will receive its second and last expansion pack, Blood And Wine, before E3 2016. This expansion will take Geralt to a completely new region which will have more than 20 hours of gameplay.

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